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The regular football season is over, which means that recruiting season is heating up. This weekend (starting Wednesday morning) all TotalBlueSports.com premium articles are free so you can catch up on BYU recruiting news and get the latest recruiting outlook as signing day approaches.

What better way to recover from a Thanksgiving morning football game or to give your turkey and stuffing time to digest, than by reading up on all of BYU recruiting prospects?

You have seen the Cougars play, and you know where they need help next year; now you can come find out who they are looking at to fill those spots.

Frustrated with BYU's cornerback play? If so, you will want to know more about four-star cornerback Justin Tryon. Follow this link to an article about him: byu.scout.com/2/421446.html.

Did you know that every single player that started for the Cougars on the D-line this year is graduating? Do you want to know who may take over for Manaia Brown and his friends up front? Check out this story on Matangi Tonga, a four-star defensive tackle: byu.scout.com/2/451230.html.

Who is going to take over for Todd Watkins as BYU's deep threat? Texas 5-A state champion McKay Jacobson is a likely candidate. Here's the latest TotalBlueSports.com article on him: byu.scout.com/2/465045.html.

These articles, along with EVERY ARTICLE ON THE SCOUT.COM NETWORK are free this weekend only. Come Monday, we return to business as usual.

One more note, while all articles are free, video and audio content is still only available to premium subscribers.

We hope you take a few minutes to come and check things out.

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