Cougars Look to Nab Star Valley OL

Growing up in Wyoming, Rick Wolfley assumed that he would play his college ball for the Wyoming Cowboys. When other offers came his way, however, Wolfley was open to a change of plans. TBS has latest recruiting outlook from this all-state lineman.

"I have two offers right now with schools like Notre Dame, Utah and Utah State contacting me over the phone and through letters although neither of those schools have offered me a scholarship yet," said Rick Wolfley. Wolfley's two offers come from Wyoming and BYU. While one was expected the other came at somewhat of a surprise for all-state lineman.

"I just thought I'd only have Wyoming looking at me and offering me a scholarship," said Wolfley. "So when BYU offered me a scholarship it was a real surprise. I mean, I never thought I'd get looked at by BYU, but they've now offered me a scholarship and that's the offer that is most attractive to me right now."

Wolfley, who is LDS but has no current plans to serve a mission, lived in Provo before moving to Afton, Wyoming. Wolfley finished his career at Star Valley High School as a consensus first-team all-state nominee and a member of the Wyoming Super 25. Wolfley was also a state wrestling champion, going undefeated in the heavyweight class.

So how did the attention from BYU come about? "I sent BYU some tape and Coach Anae apparently liked what he saw and is the primary guy who I guess convinced the head coach to offer me," Wolfley explained. "Since then Coach Grimes has been in contact and he'd be a great guy to have coach me at the next level."

Wyoming offered the 6'4", 315-pound offensive lineman at the start of summer. BYU offered him about three weeks ago. "I drove down with my family to go see BYU play Air Force and met briefly with some of the coaches," said Wolfley. "I then went back and they offered me a few days after that. Since then I've been to the Utah game and I'll take my official trip [to BYU] in the first week of January."

Wolfley mentioned that the facilities and campus is what makes BYU attractive. "Everything they have there is first rate." said Wolfley. "Wyoming has nice facilities as well, but BYU's are a little better. I like Wyoming a lot, but I like the city of Provo a little more than Laramie."

Although Wolfley admits to leaning toward signing with BYU at this point, Wyoming is not completely out of the picture as he is set to take his official visit to Wyoming this coming weekend. "I like Wyoming a lot," said Wolfley. "It's the school I always thought I'd play for, and I still might."

Wolfley also mentioned that he would listen to other offers if they came his way. "Utah and Utah State have both been talking to me a lot here lately and I'll be sure to listen to whatever offers they have," he said. "It's a big decision and I want to be completely sure of doing what is best for me and my future."

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