Second Thoughts for Hansen?

After giving a verbal commitment to BYU, Alta High School's All-American football candidate Braden Hansen is still eying the recruiting field. Rumors have surfaced that Hansen is no longer interested in BYU. Hansen addressed those rumors and more in a recent interview with TBS.

There are many rumors floating around about the warmth of the relationship between BYU and offensive line star Braden Hansen. One rumor purported that the 6-foot-6 two way star had "decommitted from BYU" and is no longer interested.

"That's not really true," said Hansen. "Probably around two months ago I was talking to Brandon Doman and he just said that I'm ‘going to want to make sure BYU is the place for you.' He just told me that he wanted to make sure BYU was the best spot for me; so if anyone was recruiting me or showing interest, he just wants to make sure BYU is the best place for me.

"I committed to BYU less than a year ago, but after talking to Brandon Doman a couple of months ago he just told me to make sure it's the right decision for me. I told him I've gotten letters from USC, UCLA and Florida and stuff and he just said, ‘Well, make sure BYU is the right spot for you.' I was like, 'Alright,' so I've talked to those colleges a couple of times and stuff."

To clarify the situation, although Hansen is checking his list twice, BYU is still his top choice.

"BYU is definitely my number one choice," Hansen said. "I'm looking around but definitely BYU is my number one school."

A recruit may easily get a mixed message from a college coach at the school he committed to tells him to "make sure this school is the best place for you." It would be easy to wonder if the coaches really wanted what was best for the recruit, or if they were having second thought about their offer. For Hansen, he took the former interpretation.

"I guess you could take that in a couple of ways," Hansen said. "I just think [Doman] is a really nice person and a people person. I love Brandon Doman. He's an awesome guy and an awesome coach and I just think wants to make sure that I'm making the right decision. I think he's looking out for me, and is looking more about where I'm going to go to school, what fits best for me instead of just coming here for football because BYU needs me, you know. It makes me feel like I'm not just another recruit, you know. It makes me feel like he really wants what is best for me."

Since speaking with Coach Doman, Hansen has been evaluating his options in an effort to find out where his heart truy lies.

"I've talked to a couple of colleges and they've given me a call and stuff," Hansen said. "Right now BYU is definitely my number one choice. It will come down to February 4th, but BYU is definitely my top school. You have to sign in order to fully be committed to a school."

After busting the BCS and beating BYU four years in a row, Utah would seem a probable candidate for in-state talent. Would Hansen consider changing colors?

"Never," said Hansen. "About two years ago Urban Meyer took me out to lunch and we talked and he told me he wanted me on his team and stuff. Then he left, and, I don't know, I just don't really like Utah. My blood is blue."

Hansen recently returned from a basketball tournament from the state of North Carolina where he led Alta High School as the top scorer over the states two top high schools.

"We played in a tournament in North Carolina and we played the state champs from North Carolina and the number ranked team from North Carolina," Hansen said. "We beat them both, so. I was the leading scorer so I did pretty good. I had 17 points in one game the 11 in the other. I play like forward/center. The one school was Glen High School and they actually have two really good kids. One is going to Duke and the other is going to Kentucky. You know, they had a couple of dunks on us but we won the game and that's what really matters."

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