JC Corner Eyes Bigger Stage

It is no secret that BYU's secondary needs a major shot in the arm. That shot is not likely not come from a top 50 junior college prospect that BYU is actively recruiting. Whatever this four-start talent chose to do, the choice will be made soon.

At 5'10", 183 pounds, Justin Tryon is a 4.41 speedster that went to the College of the Canyons, not only because they have a good football program, but because they also have a good track program. Tryon is the type of rare cornerback that could immediately provide some secondary strength on a defense that was consistently picked a part by opposing quarterbacks. Even though there is a chance he could end up at BYU, the chances of Tryon suiting up in blue and white are very unlikely.

Currently, Tryon has offers from BYU, Oregon State, Minnesota and possibly Arizona State with the University of Utah now getting into the mix. Tryon is looking to major in business in college and is leaning more toward a Pac-10 school.

"Well, along with playing football academics is something that is important as well," Tryon said. "You have to get that degree to fall back on. Football will only last for so long so you have to have something to fall back on, and that's a degree.

"I want to go into business. Cal has a good business school and what not but they're dragging their feet in talking to me, so I have to take a look at my next route. I'll probably end up somewhere in the Pac-10.

"I'm looking to come right in and showcase my skill. I want a chance to play and for the most part I gotta fit. I gotta fit into the defensive scheme and what not. I'm mostly interested in the Pac-10 right now and that's what I'm mostly looking at. I'm looking at Arizona State and Oregon State. Those are the two tops of my list."

A grandson of a Baptist minister, Tryon has always tried to live up to his families Christian influences. This is possibly one reason why BYU narrowed him down as a top priority prospect early in the recruiting process.

"He's a really good kid personality wise and I'm really happy with him," said Justin's mother Johanna Tryon. "I try to live a good life in front of him along with his uncles. His grandmother was a minister so we just try to do our best."

So far Tryon has set up trips to his two top schools, ASU and Oregon State. He also plans on setting up a trip to BYU despite the fact ASU and OS are his top choices.

"Yeah I have, Arizona State and Oregon State. I go to Arizona State on the 15th of December and Oregon State is on the 10th [December]. Oregon has offered me along with the University of Minnesota. I haven't set up a trip to Minnesota and will probably set up a trip with them sometime next week. I haven't set up a trip with BYU yet but I plan to. I've talked to Utah coaches, BYU coach, Arizona State coach and a coach at Oregon State and the offers are coming and what not.

Tryon will take a look at BYU rival, Utah as well.

"I'll probably take a trip out to Utah," Tryon said. "I like their defense because they like to get after it and what not. Maybe if I get enough time. I always talk to the BYU coach [Mitchell] and for Utah I talk to one of their coaches and he said they have a spot for me he said and he promises me all kinds of things and what not, but he can't write nothing in stone yet. They said they want me to come there and want me to take a trip up there and what not, but they haven't offered me a scholarship yet."

For the season, Tryon's performance is the primary reason why a few top quality D-1 schools have followed BYU, who was the first university to offer, for his services. His stats were decent despite the fact opponents threw away from his side of the field.

"I'm doing good, I'm doing good," Tryon said. "We just lost to Grossmont this past weekend but it was a nice run we had. It was a nice run. We lost in the semi-finals to go to the championship and what not.

"I had an okay season. I had four interceptions and I ran back one for a 73-yard touchdown. I had nine pass deflections and I had over 35 solo tackles, so I guess I did my part and what not. I would have had better stats if they would had thrown my way more."

Tryon considers himself a shut down cornerback on the field and a big participator in the weight room.

"I'm a physical receiver and I love playing man," Tryon said. "I like to come up on the run and I'm a cover corner too. I can cover guys down field and I love the competition of going against the taller receivers. It doesn't matter to me. I love being physical.

"All football players love the weight room. That's where we get bigger, faster and stronger and keep our edge. That's where you get your tight feeling that you need to last throughout the entire season. It helps to keep you from getting injured and stay healthy throughout the season."

Tryon has told TotalBlueSports.com that he intends to commit on the 20th of December to the college of his choice.

"I'll maybe commit on the 20th," Tryon said. "Give me a call on the 21st and I'll let you know where I'm going."

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