BYU Gets Hawaiian Commit

Although BYU received two JC commits this week, they have not forgotten to recruit from the high school ranks. Proof of that fact comes via the recent commitment of a prep athlete from the island state of Hawaii.

Ian Dulan has been offered a full ride scholarship by BYU coaches to play on the defensive line. At 6'1", 245 pounds, the likely assumption is that Dulan must be a very quick D-lineman. Even though Dulan does not know his forty or shuttle time, there is a reason why the coaches have offered a 245-pound D-linemen.

"I play both sides of the ball," Dulan said. "I play defensive tackle and offensive tackle. I like playing defensive tackle better because you're in the trenches and you don't have to have a million moves. You just react to the ball and do what you have to do. I also like getting the quarterback.

Dulan, from Hilo, Hawaii and Kamehameha-Hawaii High School, has committed to play football for the Cougar's of BYU.

"BYU is recruiting me and I committed to them," Dulan said. "I committed to them around last week. I committed because of my religion and I hope for the best. Also because they have good academics and sporting facilities. From what I hear Steve Kaufusi is a great coach. I committed to Steve. I wanted to go to BYU because they were one of my college choices, so if they offered me a scholarship I was going to go. When I go to BYU I'm going to play defensive line.

"I'm excited, a lot. My mom is very excited. I'm going to trip to BYU on January 5th."

Dulan said he is pretty much good to go in regards to passing the basic college entrance exam.

"I took the SAT and ACT," Dulan said. "I did pretty good. I think I passed and I'm good to go. My GPA is around a 3.2- 3.4 or somewhere around there."

At 245-pounds, Dulan does possess the strength of a D-linemen around the size of one with a 6'3", 265-pound frame. His strength just edges out former Oceanside High School star Russell Tialavea, a BYU D-line recruit from last year.

"Steve [Kaufusi] said I played big that's why the offered me," said Dulan. "I'm pretty strong. I never checked my max but the last time I lifted, I benched three plates and a ten on each side. For squat I did four plates and a 25 plate on each side. I don't know about power clean but I do two plates (180-pounds total).

Assuming Dulan uses standard 45-pound Olympic plate and a 45-pound Olympic bar, he would have benched 335 pounds. The math also works out so that Dulan is squatting 455 pounds and cleaning 225. Those are impressive for an athlete with a 245-pound frame.

Dulan got it done on the field as well. His stats as a defensive player are pretty impressive and are comparable to another BYU recruit Matangi Tonga of Aragon High School.

"Stat wise I did pretty good," Dulan said. "I had around 90 tackles and around 10 sacks on the season. I'm not sure out of the 90 tackles how many were solo."

Dulan has mission plans in his future. He will attend BYU for one year then leave for two.

"My plans are to go to college for one year, turn in my papers then go on my mission," Dulan said. "Then I'm going to come back and play."

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