Two Recruits, Two Perspectives

Recruiting is heating up as the 2006 LOI day approaches. While it's not too early to start recruiting for 2007, it is getting late for one of this year's D-I hopefuls. TBS interviewed one recruit whose chance with BYU has passed and one recruit whose Cougar opportunity has yet to come.

Simi Fili may be one of the strongest high school football players ever. At 6'4" and 315 pounds, the junior from Cottonwood high school benched pressed 185 lbs 69 times.

"It's all technique," Fili said. "You have to stay focused and use your mental strength. I count in ten's instead of one's."

Fili said the high school record is 74 reps and he hopes to beat that. He recorded the 69 reps at the Nike camp last summer. But is bigger and stronger now.

"I bench press 435 right now," Fili said.

Football is not Fili's only sport. He is currently playing basketball for Cottonwood, but football is how he hopes to get a college scholarship.

Fili does not have any offers yet because he is only a junior, but he has his hopes set high.

"I want to go out of the state and visit some schools," Fili said "I would love to see whats out there. I haven't decided if I want to play out of the state but I'll look at everything."

Fili said he did not grow up a BYU or Utah fan, but says he loves the rivalry.

"Fahu Tahi is a relative of mine from BYU and one of my other relatives played at Utah but now plays for the Jets," Fili said. "I love BYU, and I like the direction the program is going, and the same can be said for Utah. My parents don't care, they just want me to get a good education."

Stanley Havili, is a teammate and cousin of Fili's, and when TBS talked to Stanley a few months ago, he said that Fili would go wherever Stanley goes.

"I would love to play with Stanley," Fili said. "But depending on where he ends up, I will look to see if their system fits me."

Fili said that he wouldn't be surprised if Havili ended up at USC, but said that Stanley still likes Arizona, Iowa, and has always liked BYU.

Fili said he runs a 5.2 forty and prides himself on ability to thwart his opponents' ground game.

"I'm good at stopping the run, and I play smart," Fili said. "I want to work on my speed this off-season. So I'm going to do a lot of running."

Fili was named first team all region and second team all state. Fili, who is LDS, said he has definite mission plans.

Chandler Clemons was one of BYU's early QB prospects. In fact BYU offered him a scholarship and Brandon Doman went out to visit with him.

Sometimes waiting to make a commitment can cost a recruit scholarship opportunities.

"BYU isn't interested in me anymore," Clemons said. "They got some other quarterback."

Clemons said Sacramento St. is still the only other school he has heard from or visited. He said he still hears from San Jose St., Cal Poly, and Idaho St.

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