Catching Up With Breyon Jones

As BYU prepares for Cal in the 2005 Las Vegas Bowl, Total Blue Sports caught up with newly converted senior cornerback Breyon Jones. The former wide receiver shared his take on how the bowl preparation is going personally and as a team.

Breyon Jones has been a spark on special teams as a kick returner and he will maintain the starting return duties against Cal this Thursday. Kick returner is not the only role Jones has been preparing for. He has also seen reps at corner back and punt returner.

"Well, we're doing everything we can to get ready," Jones said. "Coach Mendenhall is doing everything he can to make sure we're ready and prepared for this game. He's going to put us in the best situation for us to win."

Prior to the announcement that Cal would be joining BYU in the Las Vegas bowl, the team spent their practice time polishing up on execution and personal performance. Now, as kickoff draws closer, the focus in practice has grown more comprehensive.

So what is the defensive disposition in regards to preparing for Cal?

"I'm pretty sure [Cal] is watching film and studying up on what we do," Jones said. "We have to find out what the strengths and weaknesses are with our opponent as well. Mainly what we're trying to do now is work defensively as best we can to defend against their strengths."

BYU is looking at Cal's strengths in order to develop a defense that can stop what the Bears do best. Jones thinks it only makes sense that Cal would be taking the same approach. While Jones and the Cougars have an idea of what to expect from Cal, they are also preparing for the unexpected.

"To be honest with you I don't expect anything different than what they've been doing all season long," Jones said. "We don't expect anything different from what they've been doing. Mostly they've been running the ball, but whatever they do, we'll be prepared for it. If they pass or if they run the ball like they have been doing we'll be prepared for it, whatever they might do."

One concern on Cougar fans' minds is how BYU's secondary will defend a Pac-10 passing attack if the Cal offense does decide to throw the ball. Jones feels that the secondary will be ready to stop the Cal passing attack.

"Oh yeah we're going to be up for Cal," said Jones. "I'm not going to tell you otherwise. Our secondary is going to be ready. Soelberg is back and he looks great. It doesn't look like he has missed a step. I fact it actually looks like he's gained a step. He's saved his legs so he's looking good and he'll be ready."

With Nate Soelberg back in action the other side will be manned by Justin Robinson or Kayle Buchanan. Rotational depth will be provided by Buchanan, if he is not starting over Robinson come kickoff time.

"Oh yeah, he'll be ready," Jones said of Buchanan. "Kayle is a trooper. He'll be in there as hard as he can."

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