Havili Still Undecided

The drama that is Stanley Havili's recruiting process just keeps on intensifying. The Cottonwood high star just got back from Los Angeles after a visit to USC and is faced with a tough decision.

"I'm just doing a lot of praying trying to decide what's best for me," Stanley Havili said. "The USC visit was awesome. I just loved how all the players got along and how much fun they had."

Stanley said that USC offered him a scholarship, and wants him to come in and play immediately.

"They said they want a 2-in-1 back," Havili said. "They want me to do what Lendale White did, and I don't mind that role at all. I feel like I would get plenty of touches."

USC said they do not want Havili to redshirt, but to come in and contribute immediately.

"When I watched their practice I felt like I could compete with the guys on the depth chart," Havili said. "I'm not scared to compete."

One interesting twist with USC is that they will not allow Havili to go on a mission. Havili is Mormon and is trying to decide if he will serve a mission or not.

"Coach Carroll said that his players are like his sons," Havili said. "He said he didn't want me to come in for a year then just disappear from two years. He said he has never had to deal with a mission before."

USC is the only school recruiting Stanley that will not allow a mission.

"Iowa, BYU, and ASU are fine with my mission," Havili said. "I still need to decide if I want to serve a mission. I'm praying about it."

The question a lot of Cougar fans want to know, is if Stanley is still considering BYU.

"Actually, after you [TBS] did an article on me Coach Reynolds called me up and wasn't too happy," Havili said. "He asked if it would be alright if BYU still recruited me even though I had said in the article that I wasn't looking at BYU anymore. And even though I had a vivid thought in my head that I wasn't going to go to BYU, I decided to bring BYU back into the picture."

Stanley said he is a huge BYU fan and always grew up rooting for BYU. When asked if he would be watching the BYU vs. Cal game, he responded, "You know it."

"I hope BYU beats Cal," Havili said.

According to Havili the outcome of the BYU vs. Cal game will have no factor in his decision.

"Right now I have a visit set up for Jan. 6th with BYU," Havili said. "I owe it to myself to take that visit and see how things go. I'm just waiting for a feeling, and I haven't gotten that feeling about any schools yet."

Stanley said USC set no ultimatum for him to decide by.

"I will take a visit to BYU, then I'll make one more visit to either Cal or Oregon," Havili said. "Shortly after that I will make my decision."

Advice is not in short supply either for Havili.

"Duce Luti was my host at USC," Havili said. "He said to just pray about it. My coaches at high school said I need to jump on that USC offer. My cousin Tony said go with the school that fits me best. He said if Iowa wasn't the best fit for me then I need to go where the best fit is."

Havili said he is fully qualified academically.

"I want to go to school with a good education," Havili said. "Whenever I make my visit to schools I just walk around the campus and ask my self if I could see myself fitting in on that campus for four years. Do I see myself enjoying the dorms? Do I see myself relating to the players? Do I see myself playing football there?"

As of right now, Havili said he is totally wide open, with no team leading.

The school that gets Havili will not only be getting a good football player, but a very polite and upstanding person.

January 6th will be a big day for BYU, as they will be hosting a lot of recruits. The question as far as Havili is concerned is will he get that special feeling?

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