Fua Approves of Provo

Sione Fua from Encino, California is one of BYU football's biggest targets this recruiting season. The huge lineman is rated as one of the best in the country with offers from Cal Stanford and Oregon to prove it.

"I had a great trip to Provo," Sione Fua said. "It was just a really good experience, and I loved meeting with all the players and coaches. Nate Miekle was my host and I also liked meeting Cameron [Jensen]."

During the trip, Fua was finally able to meet face to face with coaches that he had previously only spoken to over the phone.

"I've been talking to both Mendenhall and Kafusi for a while now," Fua said. "I have good relationship with them, but I liked being able to sit down and talk with them. Bronco is a powerful man who is very inspiring."

Fua said his favorite part of the trip was going snowmobiling. He also enjoyed going to the volleyball and basketball games.

"I was surprised by all the support BYU gets," Fua said. "I didn't realize the fans were that good. The volleyball team had great support."

The BYU coaches told Fua that they were recruiting him for defense. While they would not promise him any playing time, they said that if he worked for it there was a good chance he would get immediate playing time.

Fua reported that two other BYU recruits pledged their services to BYU over the weekend. "Romney Fuga and Braden Hansen commited," Fua said.

Fua got along with all the recruits on the visit but said that Mike Muehlman, Walter Kahaili'I and Ian Dulin were the three he really got to know best.

So far, Fua has visited Cal and BYU. He has a trip to Stanford this next weekend and Oregon the weekend after that.

"The BYU and Cal trips were both great. but BYU was a better experience," said Fua.

Going into his trip, Fua knew that he was not going to commit to Cougar coaches. His plan has always been to commit after his last trip. "I told Bronco I wanted to take my other two trips to compare all the schools," Fua said. "Bronco put no pressure on me. He just said to take his time, but be upfront with him."

Fua was most helped by the academic information he gained on his trip.

"I want to major in business," Fua said. "I sat down with some people in the business school. They showed me some numbers on where BYU stands compared to other schools, and BYU is at the top."

Fua said his parents have put no pressure on him and are letting him decide where he wants to go.

Look for BYU to be right in the mix when Fua decides.

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