Brown Excited to Go to BYU

Rhen Brown committed to BYU during the summer time and not much has been said about the speedy athlete since then. and Brown hasn't been talked a lot about, but he could be one of the sleepers of the class.

"Currently, I run a 4.4 forty and I have 38 inch vertical," Rhen Brown said. "I will be running track this year at Lone Peak too. My best 100 is a 10.8 and my best 200 is a 22.7."

Rhen is the younger brother of current cougar Terence Brown. At 6-foot-4 and 326 pounds, Terence, who plays O-line for BYU, is just a hair bigger than Rhen.

For some inexplicable reason, Brown did not see the ball much during his senior season. He was a starter at South Carolina football powerhouse Summerville High School, which makes Lone Peak coaches' limited use of Brown even more of a mystery.

"Right now I'm 5-11, 175 pounds," Brown said. "This past year I only played offense. I finished with 17 catches for 390 yards and four touchdowns. I didn't play any defense because I just moved to Utah, and things were already set."

Rhen will take his official visit to BYU this next weekend. BYU coaches told Brown that he will play wide receiver for BYU. However, Rhen said he will leave for his mission this summer, and when he comes back he will be reevaluated to see if he plays offense or defense.

"I have not played DB since 10th grade," said Brown, " so right now I am more comfortable on offense," said Brown

Brown said he has great speed, quickness, good hands and can jump. He also indicated that his brother Terence will leave on a mission this summer.

"We will leave at the same time," Rhen said. "Then when we come back we will play together for three years."

Brown said that the biggest difference in football in between Utah and South Carolina is that in the south the athletes are bigger and faster.

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