From Hawaii to Utah

Like the mystical Menahuni of Hawaiian lore, not much is known about defensive and offensive tackle Ian Dulan. When BYU fans heard that the BYU coaching staff had offered the Hawaiian prospect a full ride scholarship to play football, they wanted to know more.

Last weekend, Ian Dulan joined many other prominent Cougar recruits to tour the campus and athletic facilities and talk to potential coaches. Dulan's visit to BYU, like that of many of the recruits who visited with him, exceeded his expectations. That is saying something for someone who is accustomed to the sunny shores of Hawaii.

"I was on the recruiting trip this past weekend," Dulan said. "It was everything I expected and more. It was the first time I've touched snow and road a snow mobile in my life. The group that went with was me, Walter Kahaialii, Andre Saulsberry and anther guy Robbie Buckner I think. I forget the kicker's name but I think it was Riley Stephenson.

While on campus, Dulan, a first team offensive and defensive selection for the Hawaiian D.I.F. league spoke with Coach Mendenhall and his future position coach, Steve Kaufusi.

"The coach, he's straight up legit about everything," Dulan said. "I was just stoked when I first walked into his office. It's like an honor for me because I never got that kind of an experience before. I was just stoked about it. Coach Mendenhall is just awesome because he tells it like is with meaning, and that's cool.

"Coach Kaufusi was showing me how they run plays and stuff like the play calls. It was pretty basic, just stuff about when I come, and the stuff they'll be expecting and stuff like that."

While on campus, Dulan toured Lavell Edwards Stadium along with the newly developed student athlete center, indoor practice facilities and weight room.

"Oh, it's great," said Dulan of the athletic complex. "Those facilities, I've never seem something like that in my life. That is something I would dream about.

"We ate dinner at the football stadium the first night and we got to look at it. It makes me pretty excited to play on the field if I ever get the chance to play in front of the fans. At home our stadium only holds like 2,000, and that stadium holds like 65,000 people. I hope I don't get nervous."

One might think that seeing the facilities or snowmobiling with his future teammates in the Utah mountains would have been the highlight of his recruiting experience. While Dulan was thrilled with that part of the trip, it was not what he enjoyed the most.

The highlight of his trip was being able to get to know his future teammates and his host Brian Kehl.

"Just the bonding experience I had with the other recruits was the best part," Dulan said. "Also having fun at night with my host and having fun checking out all the different places. It's like one family experience. They are cool, all them. I feel at home over there."

Dulan was excited about being able to trip to BYU as a committed athlete, and his excitement about playing football as a Cougar only grew following his visit. Since returning to Hawaii, Dulan is working out even harder with his high school coach to get himself bigger, faster and stronger.

"I've been running with my coach, me and a friend, doing more football drills and stuff," Dulan said. "That trip got me all excited to be even better and all that.

"The campus is really nice and it's everything I expected and more. I'm so excited that they offered me, and I thank the Lord. It's like one blessing you know."

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