BYU Tops JC DT's List

Santa Rosa Junior College defensive tackle Martin Tevaseu is exactly the type of D-line remedy BYU is looking for to replace graduating linemen Manaia Brown, Vince Feula, and Daniel Marquardt. BYU spoke to Tevaseu for the first time on Friday—hours later he was on a plane to Provo.

"My trip went well actually, but it went by quick because the first time I had heard from BYU was last Friday. They tripped me out that same day and it's been kind of crazy," said Martin Tevaseu. "I had two trips set up for Louisiana [Lafayette] and Marshall but they could not get me a ticket. Everything was so packed, and then all of a sudden BYU comes from out of no where."

Tevaseu currently holds scholarship offers from Colorado, Boise State, Arizona State, Marshall, Arizona, Louisiana-Lafayette and BYU. He plans on visiting ASU and will possibly take another trip to one of the remaining schools he has yet to visit.

"I take my trip to ASU next weekend." Tevaseu said. "The following week I might go to TCU. I've already visited both to Boise State and Colorado. With TCU, it's still up in the air from this last weekend on where I want to go. I might even commit before that last weekend. I'll go to either TCU, Arizona or Louisiana [Lafayette]."

While on this official recruiting trip to BYU, Tevaseu was hosted by current BYU offensive guard Sete Aulai. He also spent a lot of time with offensive tackle Ray Feinga. Although he did not commit to BYU coaches during his trip, Tevaseu did feel his trip to BYU was the best so far.

"I still have a couple more trips to take but BYU is on my top list right now," Tevaseu said. "The coaches are great, and I like them a lot. Coach Kaufusi is a great guy."

Tevaseu got to meet Coach Mendenhall in person in his office. Prior to walking into Coach Mendenhall's office, Tevaseu noticed a picture hanging outside Mendenhall's office door.

"He's a straight forward man and doesn't beat around the bush with anyone," Tevaseu said. "He has a picture of Moroni hanging outside his door. It's a nice picture from the Book of Mormon."

Tevaseu, who is LDS, came away impressed by his experiences with BYU coaches who expressed to him their need for his services for next season.

"They talked about their need being urgent as far as D-linemen," said Tevaseu. "They're losing pretty much everyone from last year."

With his size and strength, Tevaseu could come in and provide immediate help along the D-line trenches.

"I'm 6'1", 340-pounds," Tevaseu said. "I'm from Samoa. It's been awhile since I've maxed on bench back in the high school days, and it was 350 then. I'm squatting well over 500-pounds."

We know he came away impressed with the coaches, but how did the rest of his recruiting trip go?

"We went snowmobiling," said Tevaseu. "It was the first time I've ever been snowmobiling and the first time I've ever been in the snow. It was crazy but I liked it a lot. I went with five other recruits."

One recruit Tevaseu went snowmobiling with was Laney JC defensive tackle Moses [Mosese] Foketi who committed to BYU on Saturday.

"I know one was from Laney College and his name was Mosese and we went snowmobiling," said Tevaseu. "After that we came back and ate a big lunch and just kind of hung out and stuff. This trip was good, and I liked it. After that, we went to Boondocks and hung out with all the other uso's [Samoan word for brother]. It was fun man and this was the funnest recruiting trip I been on so far."

While on campus, Tevaseu got a chance to see BYU's new indoor practice facilities.

"They're better than Boise State no question," said Tevaseu of BYU's athletic facilities. "They're about the same with Colorado but BYU's indoor practice facility is astonishing. It was pretty phenomenal and the facilities are top notch and high quality stuff."

So one a scale from one to ten and in comparison with his previous trips, how would Tevaseu rate his BYU recruiting trip experience?

"I just like the whole BYU feel overall and snowmobiling," Tevaseu said. "BYU has a high academic standard which is impressive and I like that too. I would say it's at the top right now but I still have to get a feel for the place. Just because the first time I've heard from them was last Friday so I've only really known about them for two days. The day they talked to me was the same day I flew out there, but I would say it was a 10."

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