BYU's Future Cougarback?

How would BYU fans feel to know that a 6-foot-2, 210-pound defensive specialist with sub-4.4 forty speed could be groomed as the next BYU Cougarback? It will not be long before Cougar faithful will not have to speculate about that scenario.

California's Canyon Springs High School all-purpose athlete Michael Moore committed to BYU very early during the recruiting process, and for BYU's sake, that was a good thing. During his senior year, Moore was being recruited by ASU, Colorado, Cal, Stanford, Oregon State, UNLV, Texas, Texas A&M and Miami. However, he held firm in his early commit to BYU and signed his LOI to play there.

"I played defensive end, and in my junior year I had eight or nine sacks," Moore said. "I think I had around 58 tackles. This year I played both defensive end and outside linebacker and I had 12 sacks and 61 tackles. I love to hit—it's my passion."

Having a passion to hit offensive players is a good thing because BYU coaches are expecting Moore to bring his size, speed and mean streak to BYU's secondary as a future Cougarback.

"The coaches recruited me as a Cougarback," said Moore. "That's where they're going to start me out at and we see how it goes. I feel great about that. I've been talking to some of the coaches and they expect me to come in ready to play, so I feel good about that and I can't wait."

However, if Moore continues to put on weight the defensive coaches might switch him from the Cougarback position to the outside linebacker.

"They coaches said it also depends on how much weight I put on because they might switch me to linebacker," Moore said. "I think I might be up to 220 or 225 by the time I get up there."

Selected as a MVP and Press Enterprise All-Star Team candidate, Moore said he has grown a bit since the beginning of his senior year of football and says he still maintains his speed. A 220 or 225-pound linebacker with sub 4.5 speed is very appealing.

"Right now I'm 6'2 and I weigh 210," Moore said. "I've grown a little bit. I still have my speed. That ain't going no where. I'll always have my speed and I've been working out with a personal speed trainer and he works me pretty hard. He's a good trainer so I'm staying on top of my speed."

Moore has visited BYU's campus a few times between trips and personal visits with his parents. He is planning to make a few more trips out to BYU prior to the time he reports to camp.

"I have to report to camp on August 3rd," Moore said. "I'll probably take another trip up there around spring break some time, and then I'll probably come up there a couple of weeks early to get everything worked out."

BYU fans everywhere will welcome the idea of having a talented prospect of this caliber in BYU's future secondary.

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