Cameron Is a Good Fit for BYU

Jordan Cameron from Newbury Park, California was a huge recruiting priority for the BYU basketball team this season. Last November, Cameron inked his letter of intent, and he cannot wait to play at BYU next fall.

"I felt really proud to get the offer from BYU," Jordan Cameron said. "My dad played at BYU and so did my grandpa so I've always grown up a BYU fan."

Cameron who is 6-foot-5 and 200 pounds plays the shooting guard position and projects as a point or shooting guard at BYU.

"I still think I have a few more inches to grow," the 17-year-old Cameron said.

Last year as a junior, Cameron averaged 18 points a game with 7 rebounds 2 steals and 5 assists. He was named all-league and all-region. This year Cameron is putting up some big numbers, like 21.1 points-per-game on 31% shooting from long range and 46% overall.

"I had one game this year with 30 points and another game with 32 points," Cameron said, but he is quick to point out that his individual numbers are not as important as his team's success.

"I care more about how our team does than how many points I score," Cameron said. "I really want to make the playoffs this year."

Cameron burst onto the recruiting scene last summer when he played for his AAU team, "Team Cal."

"BYU saw me at my summer AAU games," said Cameron. "Coach Rose and Warenburg started calling me. I was also getting calls from Utah and New Mexico, and UCSB even offered, but I knew all along I wanted to go BYU."

Jordan went to the BYU-USC basketball game this year and even though BYU lost, he liked what he saw.

"I was really impressed with Plaisted," Cameron said. "I like the way he plays."

Mission plans are definitely in Jordan's future.

"I get to Provo next August." Cameron said. "I hope to play that year, then leave on my mission."

Basketball is not the only sport at which Cameron excels; he is also exceptional in football.

"I've gotten calls from BYU, Utah, and Arizona regarding football," Cameron said. "I would love to play both sports at BYU, but I don't think they allow that."

Speaking of football, Jordan's little brother is the starting point guard on Newbury Park's varsity basketball team as a sophomore, but he is best at football.

"My little brother is really quick," Cameron said. "He is quicker then I am. He will start football next year for our high school, and he has a lot of potential. He hasn't stopped growing either."

Another Cameron family athlete is Jordan's sister Brynn who was Pac-10 freshman of the year last season at USC. She is currently dating Heisman Trophy winner Matt Lienert.

"Yeah Matt and my sister are dating," Cameron said. "In fact they are coming over to my house right now. Matt is a really great guy. I baptized my cousin a few weeks ago and Matt came. He was singing along with the Hymns and everything."

Cameron said Matt has offered him advice about the recruiting process, and has made a few jokes about BYU.

"He said when he played BYU that the players talked a lot of crap," Cameron said, "but he said he really liked the environment at BYU when he played in Provo last season."

Jordan's other sister also has a BYU connection. She dated former BYU QB Ben Olson.

Some have wondered why Jordan's sister Brynn is not playing basketball for BYU.

"Well the coaches didn't treat her too well," Cameron said. "They offered her a scholarship after her sophomore year, but she wasn't playing well that summer, and so the coaches cooled off on her. By the time they became interested in her again, she had a lot of other offers, and she choose USC."

When asked to describe his style of play and what Cougar fans can expect from him, Cameron does a good job of taking the ball to the basket. He said he rebounds well and gets steals. Overall, he is an aggressive player. Cameron wants to work on his outside shot before he arrives in Provo. BYU should be getting a very good basketball player and an upstanding person who will add to the team leadership.

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