BYU Gets First Football Commit of 2007 Class

Last year BYU was half way done with their recruiting class before the ball was snapped in their season opener with Boston College. True to form, BYU shot out of gate early with their first verbal commit for the 2007 recruiting class.

The BYU coaching staff received their first football commit from Bingham High School athlete Jordan Pendleton. A starter since his sophomore year, Pendleton plays multiple positions for a team that went 10-0 during the regular season.

"I do what I can I guess," said a humble Pendleton. "I've played ever since I was able to play. My dad went to BYU and we worked out a lot together over the years. I also play basketball as well, and just have been pretty successful over the years. I started as a sophomore for Bingham and we had a pretty good team. I had a pretty good year last year as a junior. I don't know it just kind of just happened."

Coming into his junior year at Bingham, Pendleton was one of the top athletes on the team and was selected as a team captain.

"I was coming in knowing that I was going to be one of the top players on my team," said Pendleton. "I was one of our captains and started out playing both free safety and wide receiver. I also returned punts and did kickoff returns. We had a pretty good year and went 10-0 but lost in the second of the play-offs to Brighton.

"We didn't throw the ball as much as I would have liked but I did pretty good. I had the most receiving yards on the team. I honestly don't know my stats but I think I had around 500-yards and 5 or 6 receiving touchdowns. I didn't get the ball a ton like you hear about, but I was one of the main players on defense too. I played everywhere and contributed everywhere. I don't know how many tackles I had but I had three interceptions this year and two as a sophomore. I just sat back there and made plays. I got Second Team All-State and my GPA is actually 3.74. I'm trying to keep my grades up."

Even though his offensive performance was not up to par were Pendleton would like it be, BYU coaches had seen enough of his athleticism to extend an early offer. It did not take long for Pendleton jump on the opportunity to play for BYU.

"BYU is the only one that has offered me so far," Pendleton said. "I've talked to a couple of recruiting coaches from Utah and I've gotten letters from Weber State. BYU sent me letters and I get them in the mail every so often. Coach Doman saw me a couple of times and saw me dunk the ball a couple of times and stuff. My head coach at Bingham had pretty much been talking to him and then he's been talking to me.

"My head coach told me that they were going to probably offer me a scholarship and stuff, and then when they made the decision my coach came and got me out of class. I called up Coach Doman and he put me on the phone with Coach Mendenhall and that was pretty much it, I committed to BYU. I feel great, and it's a wonderful opportunity. I'm excited and I wanted to play football in college my whole life and play at the next level so I'm excited. I'm kind of speechless."

Apparently, Pendleton was impressive enough on film that Cougar coaches were willing to make an early offer.

"I sent them some highlight film and I guess they had been looking at me, and then I just talked to them on the phone and Coach Mendenhall just said he liked me as a player both ways," Pendleton said. "He thinks I'm a great kid and pretty much just told me then that he wants to offer me a scholarship to BYU. I called Coach Doman just barely and he put me on the phone with Coach Mendenhall and told him that I've been thinking about it and that I want to play for him. He was excited and told me congratulations. He's a good guy."

Growing up in Utah, Pendleton was never a big fan of either of the two bigger in state schools. His father played at BYU during the 80's and now that he has committed to play football for BYU, he's the Cougars newest fan.

"I actually never really had been a fan of Utah teams," chuckled Pendleton. "My dad went to BYU in 83 and I've never really been a fan of Utah teams but I guess I better start. I think I'm a converted BYU fan now. It's a good school and it will be a good place to go."

At 6-foot-2 and 195 pounds, Pendleton is also starting basketball player for the Bingham Miners.

"I play wide receiver and free safety," said Pendleton. "I've been in the basketball season and haven't timed my forty and stuff but I can dunk a basketball. I haven't really talked to them about the position but I pretty much need to decide between free safety and receiver. I'm going to see how my senior year goes to see what position I want to continue playing in college. Right now it's still up in the air. I'm just going to play it by ear I guess."

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