Recruit Update: NOAH HARTSOCK

Total Blue Sports caught up with BYU basketball commit Noah Hartsock to see how his Bartlesville Bruins are faring in the Oklahoma's 6-A state playoffs. Hartsock is doing all he can to improve upon Bartlesville's second place finish in the 2005 state tournament.

Noah Hartsock was able to pull himself away from the "Dancing with the Stars" finale, where he was rooting for Jerry Rice, to update BYU fans on his team's exploits. Although they lost in their most recent game in the Area Playoffs, the Bruins are still alive.

"Areas are double elimination," Hartsock said. "So we have to win these next two games. I had a good game last night. I had 26 points, 12 rebounds and five blocks, but we ended up losing."

During his senior campaign, the 6-foot-8, 200-pound Hartsock averaged 27 points, eight rebounds and three blocks. Bartlesville got off to a slow start, going just 3-2 before the Christmas break, but since then they have won 15 of 19. They are 18-6 on the year but four of those losses came on buzzer beating shots by the opponent. Last year he averaged 20 points and ten boards as the Bruins lost by three in the state finals.

"Our goal this year is be one game better than last year," said Hartsock. "We have two games this week and if we win then States are next week – on Thursday, Friday and Saturday."

BYU coaches have kept in close contact with their recruit. They have been to Oklahoma twice to see Hartsock play.

"The coaches have done a good job of keeping in touch," Hartsock said. "I've received e-mails, letters and phone calls from time to time."

Since Hartsock plans on serving a mission before enrolling, BYU coaches should get used to sending him letters. He said that he will turn his mission papers in next month. That should have him leaving early in the summer. He plans to enroll in the fall of 2008.

Until then, Hartsock will remain a BYU fan. He said that he has been following the Cougars closely and been pleasantly "surprised at how well they've done." He has even visited several BYU fan sites to get the latest articles on the Internet.

TBS will follow-up with Hartsock to see how his team fares this week.

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