Oregon's First 4-Star Receiver Commits to BYU

The BYU recruiting machine keeps chugging along for Head Coach Bronco Mendenhall and his staff. Today they received a verbal commitment from the first four-star rated wide receiver ever to come out of the state of Oregon in the history of Scout.com.

BYU offered Oregon's top wide receiver Marcus Mathews a full ride scholarship during the weekend, and like the previous three early BYU commits, it did not take long for Mathews to snatch up the offer.

"I committed to BYU this morning," said Mathews. "It was at lunch at school and I had my coaches there. I called Coach Lamb and told him that I wanted to come to BYU and I was ready to make my commitment. I talked to Coach Mendenhall and Coach Lamb and they were really excited, I'm really excited too."

Mathews called TotalBlueSports.com from his high school to share the news that he committed to the Cougars of BYU. During the interview his head coach walked up and handed him the official scholarship offer letter from Brigham Young University.

"My coach just handed me the official scholarship offer letter from BYU," said an excited Mathews. "He just gave that to me and I have it in my hand right now. He just handed it to me. You don't see a lot of kids getting offered this early. It's just a great opportunity for me.

"My coach was actually really excited for me because his son just signed with Kansas State, and he was like, ‘Wow, if he has this opportunity I would have taken it also. Like with the situation you're in it's just the perfect fit. It's a good thing you jumped all over it and I'm really happy for you.' He was excited more than I've ever really seen him before"

After BYU extended the offer, the Mathews got together as a family on Sunday to discuss the pros and cons of Marcus committing to BYU.

"Well we just kind of discussed the pros and cons of everything and why BYU would be good for me and why it's not, and to be honest we didn't find anything that was wrong with BYU," Mathews said. "There were no cons so that was the reason why I decided to commit. My dad was like, ‘Now Marcus, if you make this decision you have to be 100% and there is no backing out of it' and I was like, ‘Yup dad, this is what I want to do.' We just talked about stuff like that."

Mathews then called Coach Barry Lamb to inform him of his decision at which time he also spoke to Coach Mendenhall.

"Coach Lamb recruited me," said Mathews. "Like me and Coach Lamb have a really good relationship and have been able to talk about anything. Like when I call him on the phone we talk about more than just football. We talk about my basketball season and his son's basketball season. We talk about pretty much a lot of stuff and we don't always need to talk about football, and we can talk to each other and feel comfortable. It's always good when you can talk to somebody and not feel uncomfortable or awkward.

"Mendenhall was just making sure that I knew what I was saying to. He was like, ‘So you want to come to BYU?' I was like,' yes' and then he said, ‘So what does yes mean?' I said, ‘I'm committing.' He was really excited and he just wanted to know when I could come down and really meet the coaches and all that stuff?

Last year Mathews tallied 47 catches for 700-yards and eight touchdowns as a junior. Many Pac-10 schools showed interest early among other big time programs. Mathews is already projected by scouts as the top wide receiver in the state of Oregon.

"Kansas State was sending me letters and I went down to the Oregon State junior day last Saturday," Mathews said. "Boston College sends me a lot of letters and I get a lot of letters from Washington, a lot from Oregon and I started getting letters from BYU but it was mostly through the camps where I got to know more about BYU."

Mathews came out to BYU's summer camps for the last two years, and he quickly grew to appreciate the campus. He will again attend BYU summer camp this year too and is excited to get back out to Provo.

"I know I want to come out because I have for the past two years and had a really good time, and that's when I really started to like BYU and when it kind of grew on me," Mathews said. "The first year I was like, ‘I've never been down there.' My dad went down there because he knew a coach and so I never really thought twice about it. Once I got down there I really started to fall in love with the place and couldn't wait to get back down there to work out with the coaches and some of the guys."

Standing at almost 6-foot-5 and weighing 200 pounds with 4.6 forty speed, Mathews also holds four track records at Southridge High School in the 100-m and 300-m hurdles with a time of 15.4 and 39.99 respectively. He also was apart of the relay team that holds both records in the 4x100 and 4x400 as well.

"I came out for track my freshman year for the first time and I have four school records put up," Mathews said. "I don't know, I'm just like taller than the hurdles and pretty much just run over them and just use my speed to my advantage. I don't know, hurdles just kind of came natural to me. I really like running it. I also hold records in the 4x4 and the 4x1."

Mathews plans on attending BYU for one year then possibly serving a mission.

"I know I for sure want to play my first year in college," Mathews said. "We'll see what happens, if I want to go on my mission then I'll go on my mission. If like something happens then I'll just keep playing football, but I know I for sure want to play my first year."

Now that he has committed to play football for BYU, Mathews can concentrate on his final year of high school football. He is both happy and relieved that he has an opportunity to play for his church school at BYU.

"I feel like even though the recruiting process is over for me, I don't have to go through the worrying about if there will be any coaches that will call me today, or if I'll get any letters in the mail today," Mathews said. "Other than that I'm just really excited and it's kind of a funny feeling because I'm just thinking, ‘Wow, I'm going to be playing for BYU in a couple of years. After my senior year I'm going to go play football at BYU.' I don't think it has fully dawned on me yet, I'm still kind of in shock. I'm looking forward to being a Cougar and I can't wait to play in my first game."

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