Orem Athlete Is One to Watch

Orem High School had two D-I caliber linemen on its roster last year. Defensive tackle Zeke Wiley signed with Utah and offensive guard Ryan Freeman signed with BYU. This year, Orem could have another D-1, who will likely wish his two linemen had stuck around.

Although he has no aspirations to work for the phone or power company, Jon Killpack is an excellent utility man. The Orem Tiger is one of those special athletes that coaches can plug into nearly any position on the field.

"I was trading time with our starting quarterback Jason Whitely the first couple of games of the season," said Killpack. "He ended up getting the position so they moved me over to wide receiver. I played there for the rest of the season. I worked my way into the outside linebacker position and played safety a little bit before that. The coaches had me at punt snapping, kick off and kick return; they played me all over the place. They moved me around a lot. Just when spots came up and they needed someone to fill in they put me in there and thought I could do it.

"This coming year they're going to put me in as the starting quarterback position, so I'll be playing that mostly"

However, Killpack wants to continue showcasing his overall athleticism as an outside linebacker.

"I've already talked to my coach about defense and he just told me that I can go after what ever position I want," said Killpack. "I just said I would like to play outside linebacker and he said it was mine to lose, so it looks like I'll be going both ways this year."

Killpack will be working on his speed over the summer this year in preparation for his final year at Orem High School. Currently BYU, Utah, Cal and many Ivy League schools (thanks to his 4.0 GPA) have taken notice in his athleticism and potential.

"I'm 6-1, 185 pounds, and I just got barely done running the forty and it was a 4.68," Killpack said. "I can bench 215 right now and can squat 325 and power clean 215 as well. My vertical is 30 inches and I don't know what my shuttle is. I did play basketball last year but I didn't this year to get ready for football. I ran track this year and ran the 4x100m and 100m.

"I've gotten letters from Utah and BYU and some of the Ivy League schools. I've also gotten some from Cal and they want me to send them some information and some highlights and stuff. They just told me that I'm a prospect and that they've heard about my academics, so they just want me to send them all the information so they can know more about me and stuff.

"I currently have a 4.0 and had that all through high school. Harvard, Yale and Princeton are the ones looking at me. I just took the ACT and I got a 20 on it."

Killpack will be attending BYU's summer camp this year and has been invited to attend the NIKE Camp.

Growing up close to BYU, Killpack followed the Cougar program most his life and has attended many of games at LaVell Edwards Stadium. With a fellow teammate Zeke Wily recently committing to Utah, Killpack has heard a lot about the Ute program and recently attended a home game in Salt Lake.

"[Utah] seem like they care about the players also," Killpack said. "I just had one of my teammates sign up there, Zeke Wiley. He just said they really make sure you're taken care of and it just seems like they really worry about their players a lot.

"I've gone to most of BYU's games when I was young and stuff and I just recently just went to a Utah game. I like Utah, but I like BYU more because they have a lot of tradition and just things like how they care about the young man you're going to be—how they care about how you excel as a young man on and off the field and I really like that a lot. Bronco Mendenhall was saying, and it was cool what he said, that he heard through the grapevine that I was a really good young man and that they were looking at me as a prospect to recruit next year. They've sent me three letters now."

Killpack had another teammate that signed with BYU in Ryan Freeman. Killpack has been working out with Freeman after school taking snaps from the big linemen.

"That kid is crazy," chuckled Killpack. "Right now he's working out with me taking snaps after school everyday. I guess he might be playing center at BYU or guard from what he was saying. He's just a hard working and a good individual and does really good in school. He's just a good guy. He and Zeke [Wiley] are pretty close. They both run really fast and have quick feet. It's scary having those guys run after you."

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