Recruit Update – Griff Robles

It is never too early to look ahead in the world of Division I recruiting. Earlier this week, a potential quarterback recruit attended BYU's spring practice. TBS caught up with him at home to see what his summer plans are and what he thought of his afternoon in Provo.

Throughout BYU's spring football practice, many boosters, administrators and former players have stopped by campus to check up on the team. A number of current Cougar commits and potential recruits also made the trip to Provo to get a firsthand account of the football program.

One of the recruits who visited practice was Griff Robles a 6-foot-5, 220-pound quarterback out of nearby Spanish Fork High School. Although his junior year was not as stellar as he would have liked, he is working hard to get his name out to Division I recruiters. To do that, Robles will be attending several football camps and combines in the months ahead.

"I'm excited about the recruiting process," Robles said. "I want to get known. I'm doing some things to help that. I'm going to some camps and stuff. I'm going to a Nike combine next weekend. I hope to do well at that, and I think I'll do well. Hopefully, it will help me get some other looks."

That Nike combine is held on the campus of the USC Trojans. It will be the first camp for Robles, and he cannot wait to get there.

"I'm stoked and so excited for it," he said. "I think I'll do well athletically, power-wise and strength wise. I've been a tri-sport athlete my whole life so it been kind of tough to stay in the weight room.

"I played baseball in the past, but I didn't play this year for the sole purpose of getting ready for football next season. A huge part of that is this Nike camp. I've been training. I've got a different workout for every day. I've got a quarterback guy to help me with my footwork and drop back. I've got a coach to help me with my shuttle times and the forty."

With the Nike camp, in addition to a few others he will attend, Robles is looking to achieve his goal of becoming an Elite-11 quarterback. The Elite-11 is a camp for the best high school quarterbacks in the country. Robles hopes that the exposure he receives from his performance in these camps will help him become and "elite" player.

Several of his teammates will head down to southern California with him for the camp next weekend. Robles and his fellow Dons will also participate in some 7-on-7 tournaments over the summer to help get them ready for next season.

Robles would very much like his high school team to improve from last year. They finished in a three-way tie for second in the region, but they came up short on the coin toss, finishing fourth and missing the state playoffs.

In the meantime, Robles said that he needs to get more athletic and stronger to prevent injuries. Spanish Fork has a new coach and offensive coordinator so Robles will also be learning a new offense. He is encouraged by some of the receivers he will be throwing to next year. Robles went so far as to say that he thinks several of them could end up being all-state.

Robles fully understands that if he is to be successful he has to have good receivers who can catch the ball. His coaches told him that if all the drops last year were caught, his completion percentage would have been 12 points higher. Robles wears the number 17, like Jake Delhomme of the Carolina Panthers. He said that the Panthers have great receivers who catch everything thrown their way.

Following his trip to BYU's practice, Robles spoke briefly with Coaches Lance Reynolds, Brandon Doman and Jeff Tidwell. He enjoyed observing the practice and thought the coaches "did a good job," but he did feel that the Cougars' practice could have been more competitive. It is likely that Robles is unaware of the effect that the Cougars' injury situation has on the physicality of practice.

Robles would not name a favorite school or even a top three. He is playing things close to the vest until he has all of his offers in. Total Blue Sports will check back in with Robles later in the summer to see how he fared at those camps and combines, and, of course, to see if he is willing to divulge a school preference.

Click on the following link to check out a few of Robles' highlights.

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