BYU Practice Report Day 13

Both offense and defense played well today. The defensive backs deflected a lot of passes and the defensive line and linebackers stood their ground on six of seven short yardage situations. The offense used short passes with long runs after the catch to move the ball downfield. They put the ball in the end zone twice with a mix of power and speed in the backfield.

Here is a rundown of Tuesday's scrimmage action.

Seven-on-Seven Highlights:

- Mike Reed made three great catches. First, while running a hitch, Reed slipped and fell to his knees just as John Beck threw the ball; Reed popped back up to grab the pass despite being blanketed by a defensive back. Second, Reed ran a comeback route and caught a rocket from Beck. What made the play impressive was that in the face of goof coverage by Tico Pringle, Reed kept his large frame between Pringle and the perfectly placed pass. Third, Reed leapt high over Pringle, who was again in tight coverage, to haul in a 40-yard touchdown pass from Beck.

- The first team corners played press coverage.

- McKay Jacobson took his reps with the twos at X receiver. Matt Allen was the X receiver for the first team.

- Vic So'oto caught a pass from walk-on quarterback Kurt McEuen and took it in for a touchdown.

11-on-11 Highlights

- On the first play of the full contact scrimmage, Curtis Brown carried it up the middle, knocking a few defenders back before being brought down eight yards upfield.

- On successive plays, Bryan Kehl and Hala Paongo held Brown to a yard or less. Daniel Coats lined up in the backfield as a fullback on one of the plays.

- The twos then went up against the twos and on the first play, Fui Vakapuna took a little outlet pass upfield for 45 yards. Brandon Howard came over to make the tackle, but he could only slow Vakapuna down due to a powerful stiff arm. Pringle came over from the other side of the field to force Vakapuna out of bounds.

- Aaron Gordon broke up a couple Jason Beck passes, including one on a fourth and inches play.

- Ray Hudson had a nice five-yard run up the middle. He was met at the line of scrimmage but powered his way though a tackle.

- Nate Hutchinson had good coverage on a John Beck pass to Andrew George. Beck threw a high arcing 30-yard pass to take advantage of George's 6-foot-4 size. Hutchinson faded George to the sideline and when the ball came, the 6-foot-3 cornerback went up and knocked the ball out of George's hands.

- John Beck hit McKay Jacobson for 19 yards.

- Paongo sacked John Beck, then Beck went deep to Matt Allen but Justin Robinson was in good position and broke up the pass.

- Ray Hudson took a pass out of the backfield for 15 yards. He made a good catch on a ball that was a little low.

- George had the play of the day when he caught a pass in the backfield and then cut up behind a great block from Dan Coats, broke two or three tackles and weaved his way for 25 yards before Hutchinson brought him down at the one.

- Coats came in as a lead blocker for Vakapuna on first and goal, but Gary Lovely came flying through a gap to stop Vakapuna in the backfield.

- The defense made a shoestring tackle on Wayne Latu atht e goal line, but on the next play Hudson burst through the line for a touchdown.

- Brown broke a Wes Anderson tackle on his way to a 30-yard gain.

- Zac Collie had a nice catch on a 15-yard pass from Jason Beck.

- Latu made something out of nothing on a great run. He looked dead in the backfield, but he reversed his direction and sped outside for a 25-yard touchdown.

- The team ended the scrimmage with "Blue Zone" work. Vakapuna got the carry on the first play and made a little juke to get the corner and on a 12-yard run.

- John Beck hit George on a short route that turned into a 9-yard gain.

- On the second to last play, Hudson took it up the middle on third and short and just got leveled by Quinn Gooch and Cameron Jensen.

- The last play of the scrimmage was a fourth and short that saw Vakapuna try to take the ball outside then cut back in when there were no openings. The 5-foot-7, 154-pound Robinson came in and hit Vakapuna just after he reversed direction. Robinson held onto BYU's bruising tailback while his teammates came in to finish things off.

- Pringle was with the first team for their last two drives. Robinson was the other corner with the ones.

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