Recruit Profile: Braden Brown

BYU is deep at the tight end spot with seniors Jonny Harline and Daniel Coats, sophomore Vic So'oto and freshman Andrew George. When the recruiting class of 2007 finally sees the field, however, things will have thinned out considerable at the position. That will leave room for recruits to come in and shine.

Braden Brown is a 6-foot-6, 235-pound tight end/defensive end from Highland High School in Salt Lake City, Utah. After winning 3 major awards 3 years in a row at BYU's summer camp he looks to pick up some scholarship offers this summer.

"I was named Defensive MVP one year at BYU's summer camp, and then Offensive MVP the next year and then offensive line MVP the following year," Brown said.

Brown is not sure of his junior year stats at either tight end or defensive end, but he did well enough to garner all-region honors. He has also started to get some attention from some big schools.

"Washington, Washington State, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, BYU, UCLA, and Indiana have been writing me," Brown said. "Coach Crowton knows me from back when he was the coach at BYU and saw me at the summer camps. I'm going to Oregon's junior day."

Brown said he will also be going to BYU's other junior day in June, UCLA's summer camp, BYU's padded camp, Washington's summer camp, and USC's position day camp.

"I want to get out this summer and show these schools what I can do," Brown said. "I'm also going to the Nike camp at Stanford May 13th, and I'm eager to get tested on my forty and everything, because I don't know what my times are."

BYU, Oregon, and UCLA are Browns top three schools right now, but he wants to see what happens at the end of his summer workouts before picking a school. As of right now, he has not received any official offers.

Last year Brown went to UCLA's summer camp, and at the end of the camp, the tight end coach told Brown, he was one of two tight ends that UCLA would be interested in this year. Coach Dorrell from UCLA called and invited Brown to UCLA's camp this summer.

Brown said that he is in regular contact with Coach Kafusi from BYU, and that Coach Kafusi wants Brown to try and decide which side of the ball he wants to play on.

"I like playing tight end and defensive end," Brown said. "That's going to be a hard decision."

Academically Brown has 3.4 G.P.A. but has yet to take the ACT or SAT. He is LDS and is undecided right now on a mission.

As far as his strengths go, Brown said he is very athletic. He played on Highland's state championship basketball team this year. He said he is known for playing hard and giving it his all on every play. He wants to improve on his strength and speed.

"I weigh 235 right now," Brown said, "but some coaches have told me I have the frame to put on more weight and play at 250 or 260."

Recently Brown attended BYU's jr day in Provo, with many other high school athletes.

"It was awesome," Brown said. "I was totally impressed with everything there. I love how they treat the athletes there. The facilities are unbelievable. It's great how they get new shoes and nice equipment."

For a report on Brown's performance at UCLA's 2005 summer camp, click on the following link: Brown Story

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