Houston, We Have an Offer

Houston Reynolds is a 6-foot-2, 295-pound offensive/defensive line recruit from Timpview High School whose last name should be very familiar to even the most casual of BYU fans. With three Cougars for older brothers and a father on the coaching staff, Houston's ties to BYU are strong indeed.

"I like BYU a lot," said Houston Reynolds. "I'm very excited that they're my first scholarship offer"

BYU is far from the only school showing interest in Reynolds. He is receiving letters from the likes of Utah, Oregon, UCLA, Stanford, Washington State, Wisconsin and Iowa. After Reynolds makes the rounds at several summer camps, that interest is bound to increase for the first team all-state lineman.

"I've been to BYU's camp almost every summer since I started playing in high school," said Reynolds. "So I'll attend BYU's camp again for sure. I've been receiving invitations to attend some NIKE camps and I'll definitely go to at least one of them."

Rich in Experience

At the end of his upcoming senior season at Timpview, will be a a four-year starter for the Thunderbirds. Reynolds spent his freshman year starting at defensive tackle while also part of a three-man rotation at offensive guard. He flip-flopped those assignments as a sophomore, starting at offensive guard while rotating in at defensive tackle. Reynolds started at both positions his junior year and will do so again this season.

"It's exhausting for sure, playing and starting on both sides of the ball, but I love the feeling I have after the game when I know that I gave it everything I had," said Reynolds. "I don't know if I'd get that same feeling if I just played one side of the ball."

Home Schooled

"I've had great teachers in not only my father, but my brothers have really helped me to become a good offensive and defensive lineman," said Reynolds. "Ever since I've been playing I've had one of my brothers on the sidelines coaching me in what I needed to do better. Between my father and my brothers I've had some of the best coaching you could hope for."

Although football runs thick through the Reynolds family lines, the youngest of the Reynolds felt no pressure from anyone to play or even to excel at playing football.

"My father is great at letting us grow up doing what we want to do," said Reynolds. "He hasn't forced any of us to play football. He just encourages us to do the best in whatever we choose to do and I'm very thankful for that."

Even without parental pressure, Reynolds found his way to the football field. Like his brother before him, he found almost immediate success.

"I didn't really like football all that much until I started playing varsity as a freshman," said Reynolds. "I grew to love it. I love competing on both sides of the ball and giving it everything I have.

"I grew up watching football almost everyday. I had football all around me and I just watched everything my brothers and my father would do in coaching them and giving them pointers. Just being around it and watching everything they did probably helped me out more than anything else."

Comparisons to his older brothers are inevitable as the youngest Reynolds begins the recruiting process. So which brother does Houston think he's most like athletically?

"Probably Dallas." said Houston. "We both play on the inside whereas Matt played on the outside during high school. I'm like Dallas in that way, but I think I like playing defense more than Dallas did. Dallas liked playing offensive line most and knew that's what he'd play in college, but I'm not sure right now."

Following the Family Tradition?

It would be natural to assume that Houston Reynolds will follow his three older brothers to BYU, but he wants to keep his options open.

"Like I said, I really like BYU and playing for them would be great and very well may be where I end up, but I'll look at all my options," Reynolds explained. "I'll look at all the other offers I have and then decide. I'm a long way from deciding where I'll play in college."

Reynolds realizes that all his ties to BYU may limit what options he otherwise might have had. Some programs will surely steer clear of him, conceding that the family connection is too much to overcome.

"I know how the recruitment process works and I know what my brothers have gone through in having schools look at them and all that," said Reynolds. "They all had a lot of schools looking at them, but felt that most of the schools didn't recruit them as hard as they might have had my dad not been a BYU coach."

It is easy to assume that growing up with three high-caliber athletes and a football coach would create a very competitive environment. Reynolds said that was not the case, however. He will not look to show up his brothers in regards to how and where he plays.

"It's not like that with us," explained Reynolds. "I'm not trying to outdo any of them or even trying to be like any of them. I'm going to do what is best for me, play at the place that is best for me and things will hopefully work out. We're all close and we all want the best for each other."

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