A Fall Full of Quarterbacks

One of the most intriguing storylines in this fall camp will be the development of BYU's four incoming quarterbacks. Behinds the Becks, ASU transfer Max Hall, returned missionaries Sam Doman and Jacob Bower and freshman James Lark will all jockey for future playing time.

Two of BYU's incoming quarterbacks are particularly eager to get started. According to James Lark, he and Max Hall cannot wait to suit up in blue and white and participate in the upcoming fall practice.

"I talk to Max and we're both excited," said Lark. "I know he's way excited; you can just tell by talking to him."

Since the end of his senior football season at Pineview High School, Lark has been doing a lot of running. He works out with Pineview's track team and with a former Olympic heptathlete.

"I've just been training," said the future Cougar quarterback. "I run track right now, but I also run with a trainer, and I'm on the BYU lifting program. I run track with the school and sometimes I practice with the school, but once a week, I train with this trainer with some of my buddies that I played football with.

"I'm running well and run second leg for our [4x100 meter relay] team. I run the forty in 4.6 about. The trainer I'm working out with ran track at BYU and she went to the Olympics. Her name is Tiffany Lott and she helps us with all this stuff and I've been training with her."

Pineview, a 3A school, boasts one of the fastest relay teams in Utah, and Lark is key to their success.

"I do the relay," Lark said. "I do the 4x100 and the 4x400 and the medley relay. We just ran the 4x100 at a 42.9 which is the fastest time in the state this year out of at any classification. We beat all the 5A schools."

Lark looks forward to each of his races, but he especially relishes the chance to go up against one of his future teammates.

"We beat Mike's [Hague] team, and I let him know our score," recounted Lark with a laugh. "I told him we were going to beat him, but he didn't believe me. I told him a few weeks before the race. We race them again this weekend up at BYU. Mike runs the 4x100 and he didn't really say much. I just joke with him. We race them again this week so we get to go at it again. We're going to win every time. We're the fastest team in the state."

On his track team, Lark runs with two of his former football player teammates. One is junior wide receiver that BYU is currently evaluating; the other is a speedy defensive back.

"I have two kids on the football team that race with me," Lark said. "There's a kid named Kevin Clements who runs with me and is a junior right now and is actually getting looked at by BYU right. Coach Tidwell is coming down to our school tomorrow to see him for a recruiting thing. He plays wide receiver and is around 6-2 and is a fast kid. He's one of the fastest in the state. The other is a kid named Regan Warner and he and Kevin are I think are the fastest kids in 3A, and then another kid named Ryan Blake."

Lark has also been working on his passing skills in preparation for fall practice. He practices with two future BYU walk-ons.

"I've been throwing the ball around a lot," said Lark. "I throw it around with Kevin and I have two teammates that are going to walk-on at BYU, Dave Foote and Carter Meese.

"Carter is a safety but he also played receiver for us. He's going to BYU as a safety and he's just great and a hard worker, and Dave, well I don't get why he wasn't recruited more. He had 80 catches year for over 1,400 yards receiving this year and is the fourth all-time leading receiver in the state of Utah, so I don't understand why he didn't get recruited more. He's coming to BYU also."

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