The Other School Down South

Pine View High School in St. George, Utah has become a recruiting pipeline for BYU. Four Panthers will join BYU's camp this fall, and Cougar coaches are back in southern Utah looking for more talent.

Observant readers may remember reports of a tall, fast Pine View receiver who got hot at last summer's BYU seven-on-seven tournament. The receiver's name was Kevin Clements, and according to James Lark and Mike Hague, Clements can flat out fly.

"I'm about 6-foot-3 and 200 pounds," said Pine View High School junior wide receiver Kevin Clements. "My best time in the hundred was an 11.21 I think. I run the 4x100. I don't know what my forty time is. I've never done it. I bench press 275 and I squat about 380.

"I'll just play wide receiver again this year and I won't play any defense. I'm going to miss having James [Lark] there. It's going to be a lot different playing with anyone but him."

One factor in the on-field success of highly recruited quarterback James Lark was his talented receiving corps. Larks primary target was 5-foot-10, 185-pound BYU walk-on David Foote, who raked up 80 catches for 1,400 yards receiving to become Utah's fourth all-time leading receiver. Clements also played a big part in the success in the Panther offense, using his speed to stretch defenses and to catch the James Lark long ball.

"He and I always hooked up on the long ball," said Clements. "That was a good thing we had going. Whenever we needed the big play, I just felt like we could just always count on each other. We had that kind of a connection and I think with James, I was probably his favorite target. If we needed the long ball, I could always count on that and we could hook up for the long ball down field."

Clements was not sure about his in-season stats, but he does receive daily letters from the Pac-10's ASU and the Mountain West Conference's Brigham Young University.

"I get letters mostly from BYU and ASU," said Clements. "Those are the two schools I get most of my letters from. I haven't gotten anything from the UofU.

"I know Coach Tidwell from BYU was at my school last week talking to my coaches. I called him a couple of weeks ago, so I've been keeping in contact with him quite a bit, and I call him every once in awhile."

Clements hopes to follow fellow teammates Lark, Stephenson, Mees and Foote to BYU. He hopes BYU will watch him closely and possibly offer him a full ride scholarship.

"I don't really know how all the recruiting stuff works but I hope BYU is looking at me," said Clements. "I really like BYU and I like how James, Carter Mees and a lot of kids from Pine View are going there. Riley Stephenson and David Foote are going there and they're really good friends of mine, and that's one thing I like about BYU along with all the other good things there."

Clements expressed the desire to serve a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and feels that BYU would be a perfect fit for him in terms of football, college life, academics and mission preparation.

"I just think BYU would be the best place because I have a ton of friends that will be there, and I know they would let me to go on a mission," said Clements. "I really like BYU and if I had to decide between BYU and ASU, it would be BYU.

"I've always wanted to go there ever since I was a little kid and would go to the games with my dad and stuff. Also with all my friends going there and with me wanting to go on a mission, I know BYU would help me out in doing that every way they can. With BYU everything would be just the way I would want it."

Despite receiving daily letters from ASU coaches, Clements has not called to speak to any of the ASU coaches.

"I personally haven't spoken to ASU," said Clements. "I think my head coach has talked to them and I get letters from them every week which is pretty much just the same stuff."

Clements spoke of another teammate that he believes BYU is also looking at. He is a huge defensive tackle that will be a Pine View High School senior next year.

"Yeah, his name is Tim Farabee," said Clements. "BYU's looking at him as well and he plays D-line and he's one big kid. The last I heard he was 6-5, 302 pounds or something like that. He's a junior this year and will be a senior next year. The last thing I heard was that BYU was recruiting him and they want him. That was the last thing I heard but I don't know what his interests are."

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