August 1st Can't Come Soon Enough

Incoming BYU running back Mike Hague wants to put his high school years behind him. As the top running back in the highest classification in Utah, Hague has tremendous expectations for himself. He is counting the days until he can start living up to those expectations.

The date has long been circled in his mind. For Mike Hague, the days leading up to the first day of BYU's fall camp are creeping by. He wants nothing more than to strap on his pads and prove himself at the next level.

"August 1st is when I report to BYU, and I can't wait," Hague said excitedly. "I talk to James Lark almost every day and we have a nice little chat. I've met Max at the Blue and White game and he's a really cool guy. I haven't met Sam [Doman] yet. I'm going to go down there with the attitude that I've come to play. I'm excited for the atmosphere and I'm going to go down there with the attitude of being ready to go. I'll play wherever they decide to put me at next year—kick return, running back or wherever I'm needed."

August is more than the start of college football for Hague, it marks the end of one stage of his life and the beginning of another.

"I'm excited to get to BYU and to get going, and I'm excited for high school to be over," said Hague. "There's just a little bit too much drama right now, and I'm just ready to get out of high school. I can't wait to get down there to start working out with the team. High school is high school, and I'm just ready to get out of here and move on.

"I'm just getting my last senior stuff taken care off and looking forward to graduating and moving onto the next step of my life. I'll come to BYU this year and then plan on leaving on my mission in January."

Along with incoming offensive linemen Braden Hansen, Hague will wait to leave on his mission until a few months after his 19th birthday. He wants to be apart of this year's team and have the chance to come home with more time to get himself back in football shape.

"I think I might have an opportunity to play next year; I don't think many of us would be sticking around unless there was an opportunity to play," said Hague. "I could leave early if I wanted to, but I want to go in there and try to get some playing time and learn the program. I think that is what a lot of us want to do.

BYU coaches talked with Hague about his mission plans. They told him that they supported either decision, whether it be leaving in August or September or leaving after the season. Hague decided it would be better for him to stay and learn the offense and get a feel for college ball.

"When you play that first year, you get a taste of the college football speed," said Hague. "It's a lot different than high school, so you have to make that adjustment. I think it will be a little easier to make that adjustment if you've already played a year."

While he waits join the team at BYU, Hague is doing some personal training so he can come in and contribute as best he can. Like everyone else with aspirations of of seeing the playing field, he is trying to get bigger, stronger and faster.

"I have the BYU weight lifting program, and I've been working on it," said Hague. "I'm working on my speed and conditioning about three or four times a week too. I've been working on my agility and trying to get faster. I pretty much do it on my own. My high school coach has been training me a little bit."

Hague knows the fall will feature a very deep quarterback group. Some are returning from serving full-time LDS missions while others will compete for a year prior to leaving. Pine View High School star James Lark fall into the latter category. Hague and Lark have become close friends in the last year.

In a previous interview, Lark told about an up coming track meet in which his 4x100 relay team would face Hague's team. Lark predicted Pine View would beat Brighton High School. So did Pine View walk Lark's talk?

"We raced them and they beat us," said Hague. "We had a bad exchange and it probably would have been closer but they beat us. Both teams ran really good times but we just had a bad exchange and they ran a really good race. They are pretty quick but Alta [High School] beat them.

"We didn't do as well as we wanted but we ran okay. Our third leg wasn't our normal guy, so we kind of got messed up there a little bit. I run the anchor on our team. Alta pulled away and they were really far ahead, and probably me and that Clements kid [from Pine View High School]—he's really fast and he's one of their receivers—were going at it and I was catching the Cottonwood kid but we were already 10 meters behind when we started so we didn't quite get him."

Running anchor for Pine View's team was junior wide receiver Kevin Clements. The 6-foot-3, 200-pound athlete is receiving recruiting interest from both BYU and Arizona State.

"He's good," said Hague of Clements. "He's pretty dang good, and he's real fast."

So is he faster than the speedy Mike Hague?

"On the hundred we're pretty close and on the 50, I don't know, he's a pretty fast kid," said Hague. "I think I run a faster 40 than him, but I don't know for sure. I run a faster 40 than a lot of people, but they can beat me on the 100, so I don't know."

BYU will add up to five Pine View High School athletes between scholarship players and walk-ons. Hague is the only scholarship player coming to BYU from Brighton. However, like safety Carter Mees and wide receiver David Foote of Pine View, Brighton cornerback Jeff Sorensen will also be walking on at BYU.

"I don't think there are any kids [BYU is] looking at right now," said Hague. "I don't think there are any juniors BYU is currently looking at. I know Jeff Sorensen is going to be walking on with me. He's Tom Sorensen's little brother and he was a defensive back on our team. Tom was a freshman all-American at Vanderbilt and all that, and Jeff is like a 5-9, 170-pound version of him."

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