Cunningham Getting a lot of Looks

Heading into the 2006-2007 school year, Grant High School in Sacramento, California is loaded with big name recruits. The team's off-season workouts have become a veritable revolving door for recruiters. The Who's Who of college football coaches have already been by to see Cunningham, and most of them like what they see.

"Man, schools are coming by all the time," said Devan Cunningham. "Last week we had coaches from Michigan, Washington, Arizona, Cal, UNLV and Colorado all stopping by."

For Cunningham, the schools showing him the most early love are a trio of schools from the west. Colorado, New Mexico and BYU each extended a scholarship offer to the 6-foot-6, 305-pound offensive lineman.

Although Cunningham is hesitant to name and early favorite, Colorado is the school that he mentions most.

"I like Colorado a lot", said Cunningham. "I've had more contact with them than any other school so far and I like what they have to offer. I like their school and I like their football team."

Colorado also provides a unique tie to Cunningham. After numerous scandals involving Buffalo football players hit the national news, Dan Hawkins left Boise State to come in and rebuild the program in Boulder. Hawkins grew up in Sacramento and played for Grant high school.

"It's like I already have close friends there, family even," said Cunningham. "Coach Hawkins knows our coaches so well, it's like he's part of the coaching staff here. Going to Colorado would be an easy transition given that fact."

Cunningham's strong familiarity with Colorado stands in stark contrast to his knowledge of his other college suitors.

"I really don't know hardly anything about BYU or New Mexico," said Cunningham. "They've both offered, but I know almost nothing beyond that. I'd love to look at both schools closer and see what they have to offer. I'm a long way from deciding."

Cunningham will not be attending any camps this summer due to Grant's rigorous off-season regime, but will be investigating whatever offers come his way and then go from there.

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