The Mediator

When you have multiple highly qualified quarterbacks coming into fall camp at the same time, a bit of rivalry is sure to develop. Fortunately for two of BYU's new quarterbacks, they have a common friend who can ease some of the competitive tension.

BYU's football program is no stranger to talented quarterbacks dueling with each other for the rights to be BYU's top gun. In recent years, BYU fans watched John Beck and top Cougar quarterback recruit Matt Berry battle back and fourth for the starting spot.

This fall, Max Hall and Sam Doman will enter fall camp looking to be the successor to senior quarterback John Beck, and who better to serve as BYU's version of the United Nations peace keeping force between these two future BYU quarterbacks than John Beck's younger brother Andrew Beck.

Playing wide receiver, Rudy Beck practiced one year at BYU prior to receiving a mission call to the Dominican Republic where he would become companions with Oregon's top pigskin slinger, Sam Doman. The two worked out together each morning before their missionary labors.

Now home in Arizona, Beck is currently working off the mission rust in preparation for fall camp. Instead of catching balls from Doman, however, he is now working out with his former high school quarterback, Max Hall.

"Max is looking good, and he's learned a lot of the plays already," said Beck. "He's learned a lot already, and he's a really good quarterback. I remember back in high school when I was a senior and he was a sophomore, I always thought he should have been the starter. He has a knack for finding holes in the field and I think he still has it.

"Max is an accurate thrower, and he always throws the ball were it needs to be. He kind of reminds me of John [Beck] in that way. He's a really accurate passer. I remember back in the day when he got pulled up to play varsity and he threw me some balls I always thought he was the better quarterback even though he was a sophomore. I always knew that if there was a hole in the defense and if I ran to it the ball would be there."

Beck meets with Hall on a regular base to run routes, workout out in the weight room and to learn BYU's offense. According the Beck, Hall is working hard knowing he could possibly be called upon in the near future.

"On my second day back we went out and threw the ball around," said Beck. "He's looking really good; he just goes out to our local high school and works out with weights. I'll call him up and ask him if he wants to throw and if he has time I'll go down there.

"He's got good arm strength. He looks good right now; I would say he's around 190 pounds. He's looking filled out and he's looking big. I just barely got home from throwing with him. We were running through the plays, just me and him. I was running all the routes. I spent the last hour just straight running routes. I usually just tell Max that I'll do whatever he wants me to do because he knows all the plays. He's learned them pretty quickly and he tells me to run this or that. I was pretty surprised at how fast he's learned everything. Max is a hard worker. He lifts weights a lot and he's always working out."

One reason why Hall has picked up BYU's offense quickly is because current BYU quarterback John Beck put together a book on how to run BYU's offense. It is a helpful guide containing the plays and how to run them in addition other useful tips for BYU quarterbacks.

"I think John just kind of came up with something to help him learn the plays," said Rudy Beck. "He's pretty much looking at John to be his mentor and he's really excited to get up there."

Beck is also working out with a personal trainer in the Phoenix area to get ready for the high intensity training sessions that await him in Provo.

"I go out to Phoenix and workout with a trainer out there," Beck said. "Then I go and run. I do all the BYU stuff and I always call John and get the work out from him and do that then come back and throw the ball with Max. Max is working hard with weights and every chance he gets he throws the ball with me."

Prior to his return to the states, Beck found out that Hall would not be returning to Arizona State. His father Wendell Beck told him he would have a chance to workout with Hall who had committed to play for the Cougar program.

"Before I came home I was talking to Sam because it was my last week in the mission," Beck said. "We're really good friends and we would talk a lot. I was getting ready to come home and I spoke to my dad and he told me that John wasn't going to be there when I got home, and he said not to worry because Max Hall was home and he's waiting for you to come home. I thought that was funny and I went and told Doman about that and he just looked at me and said, ‘You traitor.' It was really funny and we were joking around about it. It was kind of a friendly joke."

Although Doman is still serving in the Caribbean, Beck corresponds via email with his close friend and former companion.

"I still tease Doman," chuckled Beck. "I tell him, ‘Yeah man, I'm converted to Max Hall now.' Sam is a really good kid and he's very friendly. We're really good friends and we joke around a lot. Both Max and Sam are looking towards John to be their mentors. It's a lot of fun and I'm always teasing Sam though."

Doman will be home in time to complete along with Hall, Jacob Bower and incoming high school quarterback star James Lark during fall camp. Beck is excited to rejoin the team and practice with his close friends Doman and Hall.

"It will be a really good showing out there for both of those guys," said Beck. "The only difference is, Max is home working out and practicing whereas Sam is still working in the mission field. I told Doman not to worry about anything but to concentrate on doing his work out in the mission and the Lord with take care of him. It's going to be good having both of those guys together because they're both such good athletes. It's going to be a good showing come fall practice."

Despite all the teasing Rudy Beck dishes out to his close friends, he knows both Doman and Hall will become good friends. The nature of both Doman and Hall is such that Beck feels they'll compete against each other, but will do what ever they can to help both improve for the better of the team.

"I think they'll definitely be good friends when they meet each other," said Beck. "Doman likes to joke around a lot and he's liked by a lot of people. He's really friendly and very outgoing. I guarantee Max is going to have to help him out with the plays and stuff because Max is already learning the plays whereas Doman is still in the mission, so he's going to be looking for someone to help him out too. Max is a great guy and I'm sure Max will totally help him out. If they don't get along, I'll invite them over and we'll have a BBQ or something."

Beck's return to BYU will happen sooner rather than later. On Wednesday the 17th, of May, Beck is planning on returning to Provo to join up with his brother and get re-acclimated with the football program.

"I might be up there this Wednesday I think," said Beck. "I'm planning on being up there and see John and don't have to wait until fall to go.

Beck wants to continue working out in preparation for his return as a wide receiver on the team, and possibly being in Provo would help facilitate his acclimation much quicker.

"The thing is during my mission I got really sick," Beck said. "The conditions are really bad down here and I got sick a lot. I came in at around 190 pounds and lost around 20 pounds because I got sick, so I bought a weight set in the mission field and worked out when I could. I got my weight back up and I ran when I could. I can now bench press 225 twenty times and I weight around 187 right now. The thing is my legs are still hurting a little though. I feel good but I'm still a little rusty in my legs. I was out throwing the football with Max Hall today and everyone was really surprised by how I looked."

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