Diluigi and Peterson Coming to BYU

A star running back and an outstanding offensive lineman from Canyon Country, California's Canyon High School have plans to visit quite a few college campuses this summer. One of their stops will be made in Provo, Utah to take a look at BYU.

J.J. Diluigi set a new league record by scoring 43 touchdowns in a single season. Diluigi and his high school football team are currently preparing themselves for another outstanding year.

"We're in the middle of spring ball right now," Diluigi said. "We're going to be really good. We've got all of our offensive linemen coming back. Well, basically we have our whole offense coming back."

One of the offensive linemen who helped Diluigi break the touchdown record was center Nick Peterson. He will also be a senior starter next season as well.

"I don't know where I‘ll be starting but it will definitely be on the offensive line somewhere," said Peterson. "I'll either play guard or center. I played center last year. I prefer to play center, but it doesn't matter as long as it's somewhere. I'm around 6-2, 6-3 and I weigh between 280 and 290. I bench 345 and squat 465 and power clean 325. I run a 5.3 forty."

A look at Diluigi's highlight footage shows that he is fast and strong for his size; he can cut a dime and has break away speed. That is simply not good enough for California running back, however. He wants to improve every aspect of his game.

"My goals are to get stronger, faster, and more agile and be the leader of the team," Diluigi said.

"He runs really hard and just powers threw people," said Peterson. "He also powers around people, and he's just a really good runner. We already have our deal of 200 yards and three touchdowns [a game] and we go to Black Angus."

Although BYU was the quickest to show interest in Diluigi and offer him a full ride scholarship, many D-1 schools have followed with interest. Colorado, Colorado State, Wyoming and Washington State are also recruiting Diluigi.

"They're going to be great schools," said Diluigi. "It's going to be a hard decision if the other schools do end up offering me. I'm hoping they will and I've heard from both [Colorado and Colorado State] that they're going to. I'm going up there over the summer. Me, my dad and Nick Peterson are going to take a trip, and we're going to hit Colorado, Colorado State, Wyoming, Utah, BYU, Boise State, Washington State, Oregon and Oregon State."

Peterson will be join the Diluigis on their campus tours. He is also receiving interest from D-1 universities.

"I'm talking to San Diego State, Washington State and I'm hearing from other coaches," said Peterson. "I'm mostly hearing from San Diego State, BYU and Washington State and can't really think of the others. I sent BYU a questionnaire that Coach Lamb sent me. He was at our school recently. We plan on being up at BYU on June sixth, seventh and eighth.

"I'm joining him a little later because I have a college class that I have to take a final for. I'm going to be joining him at BYU so I'll be seeing BYU, Utah or Utah State I don't remember which one, Washington State, Oregon and Oregon State."

The schools that came in after BYU have a lot of catching up to do. Diluigi and his family are using BYU as the litmus test by which they will judge all other programs.

"Just BYU has offered me right now but Colorado, Colorado State said they're going to offer," said Diluigi. "BYU is still my top school right now. It might change, but all those other schools have their work cut out for them if they want me. It really depends on where I feel the most comfortable."

So why would BYU still be his top school even if Colorado, Colorado State offer?

"Just the way BYU treated me when I was up there—they really put themselves out there for me and that was great," said Diluigi. "They just opened up the red carpet for me when I went up there and made me feel at home. All the other schools are going to have to measure up to BYU.

"BYU has already told me that I can come in there and start right away for them. They told me they want me to be their star at that school, so who wouldn't want to go in there when they've already told you they want you to be their star. I have the opportunity to start for them as a true freshman and who wouldn't want that?"

Coming from a family of values and spiritual interests, Diluigi places a premium on the quality of environment at a university. BYU's honor code, which prohibits much of the activities commonly found among the student body of other universities, is one reason why BYU is Diluigi'a top choice.

"The environment has to be right for me," said Diluigi. "I feel really good with the environment at BYU. That's also another thing I'm looking at when I go on my trips to these other schools. What is their environment around the campus like, what do people do there and those types of things?"

Diluigi also feels that BYU would be a perfect fit for Peterson, who is active in his religion and has the same morals and values.

"All of the schools I've mentioned are looking at him," Diluigi said. "He doesn't have any offers yet but I think he will. He loves BYU and he thinks he would be a perfect match for them, and I do too. As a person, he's great and we're both actively involved in our churches.

"He and I kind of stick together because we don't party or anything like that. On the football field he's one of those guys that's kind of quiet, but is all business. Away from the field, he's a fun loving guy and is very friendly, but on the field he changes. He has the mentality that ‘I'm going straight at you and you're going right on your back.' That's what he does to people—he puts them right on their back."

"BYU is a really good school and they have a really good law program," Peterson said. "It's just a really good school. I'm Catholic like J.J. I'm not a partier so BYU would be a good school to go to. I was in Utah two years ago and saw a little bit of the campus. I have an aunt that lives in Salt Lake City and I was visiting her and was able to see BYU then. J.J said he really liked it at BYU. He said he really liked the coaching staff up there."

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