Hall Can't Wait

The anticipation of the upcoming season is enough to drive any player crazy. As one of four new quarterbacks who will compete to be the next starter at BYU, Max Hall needs a straitjacket to keep himself contained.

In junior high school, Max Hall was just like every other kid in the Mesa, Arizona. He dreamed of one day playing for one of the states most storied high school programs. He watched another LDS quarterback by the name of John Beck pick apart defenses, then took over his starting job. Now Hall may have the chance follow after Beck once more.

"John was a quarterback at Mountain View High School when I was in the eighth grade," said Hall. "Kids growing up in this area dream of playing football at Mountain View. John was a quarterback at Mountain View. He was my idol, and I really looked up to John. It worked out for me where I was able to start after he left Mountain View, and now I get to be behind him for a year and learn from him. It's going to be great. I can't wait."

Indirectly, Beck is already helping Hall learn BYU's offense while Hall is biding his time in Mesa before heading up to BYU. Beck made Hall a little book of plays and notes that he can practice while at home in Arizona.

"It's just kind of all the basic plays," said Hall. "It's just got some of the concepts and just stuff that I can use to prepare myself while I'm down here. It's kind of like game film or basic concepts of the offense. I'm doing everything I can to get ready to take over, you know. I want to continue doing what he's started.

"I mean, I've got the privilege of being behind him for a year, and to learn from him and see how things work, and how he works. He's going to teach me the offense, so it's going to be a privilege for me and I think it will work out perfect for me. I mean, John [Beck] is one of the best to learn from."

So how far can he throw the ole pigskin? A quarter-mile? Over those mountain? Well, Hall may not be Uncle Rico back in ‘82, but he can give the ball a ride.

"If I'm in a game and I'm all pumped up I can throw it a hundred yards," chuckled Hall. "No, I'm just kidding about that. I probably average between 65 and 68 yards or around there. I don't have the arm like John has where he can throw it 75 to 80 yards, but I'll hit you in the numbers every time."

Hall spends a lot of time in the weight room. He is working to regain some of the weight he lost as a missionary.

"I weighed in at 201 the other day," said Hall. "I'm around 6-2. I got measured the other day and I was like 6-1 and 7/8ths, so I'm just a hair under 6-2. On all the websites, they list me as 6-1 and 185 pounds, and I'm really at around 6-2, 201 pounds.

"I've got BYU's lifting program that I've started up and have been doing for quite awhile now. I follow that program and work out just out of my high school with my lifting coach over there, Coach Wheeler. I lift with a couple of guys over there that are training too.

"I haven't maxed out for awhile. I'll start my reps at 225 and go up to 245 with reps of five. My squats I'm doing between 280 and 300 in sets of five. A couple of the guys that I lift with lift in competition, so I work out with some guys down there and I also workout with a guy from Phoenix, the same guy that Rudy [Beck] works out with, and I run twice a week in Phoenix with those guys as well. I'm just doing everything I can to get ready. I throw the ball every chance I get and with whoever."

Hall may come to Provo sometime in June, but he will definitely be there by the end of July. Once in town, he will continue working out and increasing his understanding of BYU's offense.

"I think the plan is to head up there in late July to get ready for summer camp," said Hall. "I can't wait to get up there and get going. I'm working hard right, and I'll tell you what, I can't wait to play football again, especially for BYU. Just a heads up, I might be coming down in June sometime though. "

Hall fully understands the current quarterback situation at BYU. He knows that when Beck leaves next at the end of the season, he could take over the reigns at Quarterback U.

"Why do you think I'm so excited man," Hall chuckled. "I know what they're bringing in. Oh yeah, I know what they're bringing in and I can't wait. With all the talent that's going to be there, it's not a bad set up is it. Having some of those talented guys around who know what they're doing and have already been in the program to help me along and it will be perfect for me."

After playing a year at Arizona State, Hall knows what to expect at the collegiate level. He knows the competition at BYU for the starting quarterback spot will be stiff.

"I've got a season under my belt of college football when I was over at ASU so I know what it takes," said Hall. "So I'm busting my butt and I'm going to do it, man. I'm going to go up there and take care of business and just get it done. I'm going to do it."

While a freshman at ASU, Hall was making waves early in camp. In fact, Coach Koetter told Hall that he would have competed for the second string quarterback position behind senior QB Andrew Walters.

"Here is the deal," said Hall. "Me and Rudy Carpenter came in as freshmen together and we went through the summer deal and all the camps, so it was me, Rudy [Carpenter], Sam Keller and Andrew Walters. Andrew Walters was going to start. He was a three year returning starter just kind of how John [Beck] is this year. We go into camp and Sam Keller was the backup quarterback the year before so he's getting all the second string reps. Then I started getting those same reps. Coach Koetter came up to me and said, ‘Hey, Max I want to start giving you all the second string reps, but I need to know something; I need to know if you're still planning on going on a mission.' I said that I was and he said, ‘Then I need to give all the second string reps to Sam since you're leaving next year, but I want you to be traveling with us. I'm going to red shirt you, however, if Sam goes down I'll need you to play.' That was kind of the situation with me while I was at ASU."

After an in-season injury sidelined Sam Keller, Rudy Carpenter finished the last five games for ASU. If Hall would have stayed in the program rather than leaving on a mission, he would have been the one called upon to take over for an injured Keller.

"Yeah, looking back that probably would have been me right there," Hall said. "When I was there, Rudy struggled a little bit. He was running the scout team and I guess after I left he just really picked it up, worked hard and just tore it up. I love Rudy, he was one of my best friends while I was at ASU, and I wouldn't be surprised if Rudy plays again this year. He's really stepped up his game and he's a good quarterback. He won their last few games for them, including the Insight Bowl."

Hall feels in his heart that his decision to come to BYU rather than play at ASU was the right one. He is confident that he can help the team, while also being helped by BYU's unique environment.

"Just tell the fans that I'm excited to get up there and to do what ever I can to help BYU's program," Hall said. "I'm going to do it and can't wait to get up there to be apart of the team. You know, Coach Tidwell once said, ‘You're going to feel the spirit one day when you come up to BYU.' It was just kind of a joke when he said it. I'm just happy I'm going there, and I feel like it's the right choice and the best place for me. I'm excited I'm going there and I'm just sitting here waiting to get up there. The time can't come fast enough for me."

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