Five Offers not Enough for Tupou

Grant Union High School is home to linemen Devan Cunningham and Christian Tupou, both of whom have multiple Division I scholarship offers. Tupou is a 6-foot-3, 274-pound three-year starter who has five offers on the table. BYU is one of the five, but is the interest mutual?

"I'm pretty strong in the weight room," said Christian Tupou. "I bench 340, but I'm not to sure how much I can squat because we don't really do that. I would guess around 400 or 500 pounds or something like that. We never maxed out cleans so I can't really say. I do run a 4.9, though.

With his combination of speed and strength, the Sacramento, California product is not easily contained; most teams are forced to double-team him. He also has surprising endurance for a big man; he can go four quarters without tiring.

Tupou is versatile enough to plan any position on the defensive and offensive lines. He spends most of his time on defense at the end spot, however, on offense, he is so athletic that he played fullback last season. This season his coaches will move him up to play guard.

As a defensive player, Tupou's stats tell the reason why five schools, including BYU, Arizona and Nebraska, have offered him a full ride scholarship.

"I had 16 sacks, 85 tackles, and four fumble recoveries on defense," Tupou said. "On offense I had six carries for 25 yards and one touchdown. I was mainly a blocking back for our running back Marcel Williams.

"I have full rides from Nebraska, Nevada-Reno, Arizona, Sacramento State and BYU. I don't really know much about them. Growing up I only knew about the Florida teams, and that's where I would like to go or to USC. I only really know about those schools."

Tupou plans to visit Nebraska or Arizona to learn more about one of those schools. In the end he wants to end up in the Pac-10 or at an east coast power house. He heard that no other Polynesian has gone to Florida State, so he would like to be the first one to go there.

Without much knowledge of the schools that have offered him, Tupou is hoping to receive an offer from one of the schools that he followed growing up. His ultimate goal is to play in the NFL, so he wants to attend a school that will help him to do that.

"I'm looking at schools that are always in a bowl game and have some national exposure," said Tupou. "Also academics are something that I want to look at and if the school is involved within the community a lot and they know what's going on there."

Tupou wants to study business in college because he aspires to be an entrepreneur after his NFL career is over.

Despite its strong business program and high number of former players in the NFL, Tupou is not very interested in BYU. That may be due to a lack of familiarity.

"I'm LDS, but I don't think I'll serve a mission," said Tupou. "I'm in the middle with them right now. All I know is that there a lot of Polys on the team and they don't mind if you go on a mission and stuff. They also have a strict code on appearance and stuff like that, but I don't really know too much about BYU."

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