A New Challenge for Reynolds

After missing most of spring camp with a shoulder injury, Dallas Reynolds is back in action with the first string offense line. This time around, however, he will be starting at a new position. The move has taken some getting used to, but the 6-foot-5, 328-pound lineman is confident he will be ready for the season opener at Arizona.

Dallas Reynolds came in as a returned missionary freshman and quickly took over the left guard spot between Eddie Keele and his older brother Lance Reynolds Jr. Reynolds' instant success shocked everyone but himself. With a year of experience under his belt, Reynolds is faced with a new challenge ahead following a change of position.

"I personally think [Coach Grimes] is trying to put people in the positions where he feels the players will fit together the strongest," said Reynolds. "It's all different so you have to learn all new stuff, and it's kind of confusing at first. I think its better because the coaches are trying to fill positions with the best players they have, and I think Coach Grimes is moving people around to have a better ability to do that."

There is always the fear of trying to fix something that is not broken, and that the linemen will not play as well in their new position, not have the same chemistry. Reynolds does not think there is anything to worry about, however.

"I don't think it matters that much," said Reynolds of the changing in positions. "I mean our offensive line, here especially, is a close nit group and everybody is close with everybody. With me playing with Eddie and my brother, I was comfortable and the chemistry was good. Now I'm out at right tackle, and I'm playing next to Jake [Kuresa] and we've had a strong relationship, so the changing of positions hasn't affected our chemistry at all because we're all very close to begin with. It's just been the same for me to move out to tackle as it was for me to play guard on the other side of the line."

Having confidence in one with another's ability to get the job done is not a problem for Reynolds and his teammates on the offensive linemen. The only struggle for Reynolds is adjusting to blocking a different type of defensive lineman.

"From what I've learned from the past few days in regards the difference between guard and tackle is at the tackle spot there is different technique involved and a different way of playing," said Reynolds. "With guard you in there in the middle in the trenches I guess with a lot bigger people, so you're style of play have to adapt to match the type of personnel you're facing.

"When you play tackle you go up against the quicker and faster and slimmer players like outside linebackers and defensive ends. It's been the hard part for me to adjust to the type of players you face at the tackle position. It's more footwork and getting up and outside quicker to be in position to block the faster players. I'm working on my footwork and I'm getting better and better, but the part that was the most frustrating for me was adjusting to the differences between the guard and the tackle positions."

Come December there will another change for Reynolds, but this one will have nothing to do with football.

"I am getting married," smiled Reynolds. "We're getting married on December 2nd. Her name is Susan Steele and she's from about 60 miles out of San Francisco. She just graduated from here [BYU], so she's graduated and all done and just got working. I think she's going to go back for another year of nursing school, though, and then go into that direction."


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