From Gridiron Warrior to Groom

While his teammates were toiling through the first scrimmage of fall camp, Curtis Brown was hundreds of miles away in a much more joyous setting. TBS subscriber Ken Yoshimoto bumped into Brown and his family just minutes after the BYU running back married his sweetheart in the Oakland temple.

I always enjoy attending the temple, but when I left home with my wife on Saturday, I had no idea what good fortune the day would hold! It is not every day that a temple visit merits a TBS report.

After an enjoyable session, I was waited for my bride of 24 years to join me when I noticed a handsome young man in a tuxedo. He was absolutely glowing and I guessed he must have just gotten married. I took a seat next to him and we exchanged small talk. I asked him if he just got married and he politely answered, yes. He beamed the brightest smile. I told him he was glowing and I told him how good I always feel when I am in the temple. I encouraged him to come back often with his bride.

I then introduced myself, and he kindly responded, "My name is Curtis Brown."

My jaw dropped and I blurted out, "Oh yeah! Today is the day you are getting married!"

Curtis grinned with a quizzical look on his face. I explained that I am a huge BYU fan and I have been following the team from afar through

After congratulating Curtis, again, I just had to ask, "Is your mom here?"

I explained how much I enjoy the contributions Cheryl Brown makes on TBS. I told Curtis that I had never met his mom, but I love her writing and I really wanted to meet her. Curtis seemed pleased and said she was waiting out front.

I introduced Curtis to my wife and to my bishop and we chatted for a while. After congratulating him, again, and giving him our encouragement and best wishes, we parted ways with a, "I have to meet your mom!"

Curtis Brown is a fine young man. If I did not know he was a great football star, I would not have guessed. He is so well mannered and humble, but he exudes confidence in his own quiet way.

I hurried out front and went to look for TBS's own Newcomer. We wandered over to the courtyard where the newly sealed couples exit. I boldly asked one of the party waiting, "Is there, by chance, a Cheryl Brown here?"

As it turns out, I was speaking to Curtis' older sister and she led me to a beautiful and distinguished lady.

"I am Dawgone2 from Total Blue Sports," I declared to Cheryl.

I congratulated Cheryl and told her how much I loved her contributions to TBS. We exchanged pleasantries and talked about the excitement of the day. Cheryl was so proud of Curtis and was also excited that he would be walking at commencement ceremonies next week.

She introduced me to her husband, Herman, and her other children. It is no wonder why Curtis is so handsome and well-mannered. Just look at his parents and his sister and brother. They all looked like they could be fashion models, yet they were so warm and friendly.

"Cheryl, before I leave I have to give you a hug!" I stated before taking leave of the groom's radiant family.

We embraced and I expressed my best wishes.

The word came that the newlyweds would be exiting shortly, so my wife and I made our way to the side of the courtyard, out of the way of the wedding party. We eagerly spied from a distance. After much anticipation, Curtis and his lovely bride came through the door to the glee of the waiting party. Even from across the courtyard, I could tell that Curtis was still beaming!

Congratulations, Brother and Sister Brown! May you wear those smiles throughout this season (Go Cougars!!) and throughout eternity!

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