1320 KFAN Teams up with TotalBlueSports.com

"A-Game with Alema Harrington" is on the move. Starting tonight, BYU radio personality Alema Harrington is taking his "A-Game" 1320 KFAN. Also beginning this evening, TotalBlueSports.com staff can be heard on "A-Game" bringing practice reports and other BYU news to Alema and his listeners.

TotalBlueSports.com and "A-Game with Alema Harrington" are teaming up on "The Sport Leader" 1320 KFAN to bring Cougar fans the inside scoop on BYU football this fall. 1320 KFAN program director Mike Stalker recognized a need for greater BYU coverage within Utah County—a need that many BYU fans feel is not currently being met.

"We are conscious of changes in technology and culture that are affecting what sports fans expect in content, format and portability and we are taking the lead in addressing all of these issues," said Stalker. "The Utah Jazz have been, and will continue to be the anchor for our station, but we will continue to expand our relationships to ensure that our coverage is relevant and comprehensive…Alema has BYU ties that we feel are important, but he is also extremely versatile. Alema is a well recognized personality that our traditional 25-54 year old fans are familiar with, but he also brings a progressive mindset to the station that will help us reach a younger, more diverse demographic."

That match between "A-Game" and 1320 KFAN just made sense to Harrington.

"As I met with the team at KFAN it was clear that they were making a real commitment to serve the BYU community and that has always been important to me," said Harrington. "The BYU fan base has been very good to me and I am excited to team up with KFAN to help them bring Cougar fans comprehensive coverage of BYU football...and more.

"If you're looking for comprehensive coverage of the Cougars, tune in to 1320 KFAN...The 'Unofficial' Home of BYU Sports."

As the leading Internet source for inside news on BYU sports, TotalBlueSports.com is the perfect resource for the "Unofficial" Home of BYU Sports. Since 2003, die-hard Cougar fans have been logging on to TotalBlueSports.com up for the latest recruiting and practice news on BYU football and basketball. A strategic alliance between TotalBlueSports.com and the "A-Game" is a natural fit.

"The Staff at TBS works tirelessly to provide the best coverage of BYU sports around," said Harrington. "From scouting reports to early commits to depth charts to pre and post game analysis, TotalBlueSports.com is the source I turn to first. They even post stories on BYU alumni so I can keep up with former Cougars as they move to the next level.

"Brandon Gurney and Talo Steves always bring their A-Game when they're on the show. They have both broken stories on early commits on A-Game and they regularly provide information that our listeners simply can't get from any other source. When I'm looking for the latest news and the most in depth information on the Cougars, I turn to TotalBlueSports.com."

"A-Game with Alema Harrington" airs week nights from 7-9 P.M. on 1320 KFAN, so Dial it up a notch and lock it in to 1320 KFAN...The Sports Leader.

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