TBS Fall Practice Report: Day Eight—Morning

Fans lined the field for the first open practice of fall camp. The BYU offense made sure that the fans did not leave disappointed. After the defense showed well during the first week of practice, the offense has come on strong. Today, it used a balanced attack to push the ball down the field.

"We're hitting our stride," said backup quarterback Jason Beck. "We know we're good, and we're starting to show that more and more with every practice. It's not just the defense that needs to get better, we need to as well. If we don't get better and make sure we're getting better with every practice, then we're getting worse.

Depth Chart Movement

Coaches made several changes on the depth chart following the first scrimmage. Dan Bates was playing with the ones at linebacker along with David Nixon in place of Aaron Wagner and Chris Bolden respectively. Movement is to be expected from week to week and nothing is final until the season starts.

One notable change was freshman cornerback Robbie Buckner moving up the depth chart to get exclusive reps with the twos during today's practice along with Ben Criddle.

"I came in today and saw my name with the twos and I had to look twice," said Buckner. "I'm happy that they moved me up and I hope that I can stay there. It's up to me now to prove that I can improve and play as a freshman."

Cougars Come Back

Joining the team in practices today after battling through injuries were Kayle Buchanan and Justin Robinson, both playing with the ones at cornerback. Both did every drill and finished the practice taking every rep.

"It's been frustrating," said Buchanan. "I hurt my shoulder, so I've been taking it easy, but I plan on playing as much as I can during practices because I need it. I need to get back in the flow and get my feet back. Ever since I've been here it's been something, but my plan is to stay healthy and stay out there."

Offensive Lineman Ray Feinga was back and practicing playing left guard with the 1s on offense where he was joined by Travis Bright on the other side of center. Tom Sorenson left practice early with a leg injury. The degree and severity of the injury is yet to be determined.

Also returning was newlywed running back Curtis Brown.

"I'm glad to be back," said Brown. "I have a new perspective on life and I'm a very happy man. It's a big step in my life, but I still owe this team so much, and that's the focus now. My goal is to finish what I started. I came to BYU to help make this team great and I plan on leaving having accomplished that."

Standout Player

Jason Beck gets the nod for player of the practice after completing 12 of 14 passes for 94 yards in 11-on-11 drills. Beck's best pass came on a 28-yard fly pass completed to Matt Smith. Beck dropped the pass in just the right spot to beat excellent coverage by Buckner.

"I'm getting better and the team is getting better," said Beck, "I'm just happy to be playing behind a great quarterback like John Beck and I hope that he has the best year ever. I also hope that he puts up points fast so that I can get into some games."

The job of the backup quarterback is to be ready at a moment's notice if the starter goes down. It is a role Jason Beck has accepted and aims fulfill to the best of his ability.

"I'm John Beck's biggest fan," said Beck, "The last thing I want is for him to go down, but if he does I'm ready to pick it up. It's my job to be ready in any situation."

Practice Highlights

- Andrew George was a prime target for the 2nd teamers on offense, catching 4 passes for 35 yards in 11-on-11 drills

- Daniel Coats again stood out on the first drive catching a couple of passes for 48 yards

- The team practiced field goals today. On one attempt, Russell Tialavea busted through to block the kick

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