The Slow Road to Recovery

BYU's lone Maori player has been hampered by a nagging leg injury throughout fall practice. With less than four weeks before the season opener, Bryce Mahuika has yet to participate in a full contact scrimmage. The speedy receiver is not discouraged, however. He is confident that he will be ready to go against Arizona.

"Well, I feel pretty good," said Bryce Mahuika. "My hamstring just tightens up a little bit after a few days of really hard running, so I have to give it a break or else I'll pull it again. That's pretty much what I do now. I go a couple of days on and a couple of days off to make sure it doesn't pull because if it does, it won't be good."

Last spring, Mahuika practiced at the outside receiver position. This fall, he is back at slot receiver.

"I played outside and got used to that, and now I'm playing on the inside now," said Mahuika. "The coaches just move me around to pretty much wherever they need me. It's fine with me though. I'll play were ever they need me."

During his time at BYU, Mahuika has played and practiced at multiple positions including running back.

"It does make me feel good to know they have the confidence in to put me wherever they need me," Mahuika said. "I'll play a little running back, a little kick return…you know whatever they need, I'm down."

With both Mahuika and Nate Meikle recovering from injuries, Mike Hague and walk-on Daniel Tervort are receiving most of the slot receiver reps.

"We'll both be ready to go come game day," said Mahuika. "It's nice to see both Hague and Tervort out there getting reps and learning and doing pretty good, but come game time we'll both be ready.

"We both know the offense and know the plays so it's not as important for us to be out there getting the experience. It's more of a health issue for us at this point. It's good that these younger guys can get the reps and the experience to figure out what to do."

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