All in the Family

Houston Reynolds is the last of the Reynolds brothers, and like his older siblings, he is a pretty darn good footballer. While committing to BYU was something he found almost inevitable, the youngest Reynolds decided not to prolong the decision process like some of his brothers did.

"I remember just reading an article on my family in the Provo Daily Herald," said Houston Reynolds. "It had all my brothers listed as former players and my dad of course. Then it had me and in parenthesis it said ‘BYU recruiting' or something like that, and I just felt that I wanted to make it final since I didn't want to be the lone guy out."

Houston's older brothers all signed a letter of intent to play for BYU. Lance Jr. graduated after last season, Dallas is a sophomore in the program and will start at right tackle this season while Matt will return from his LDS mission this coming May.

"We're a close family, and we're a BYU family," said Reynolds. "My dad has coached there ever since I was born; we watch all of their games; my brothers play there. It was an easy decision for me. It was a decision I knew in the back of my mind that I'd make all along."

The family ties were not the only factor in Reynolds' decision. Environment, coaching staff, facilities and the program in general are all weighed on his choice.

"Of course it's not just that all my family plays there," said Reynolds. "I love BYU, I love the coaches, the facilities, just everything about the place made me want to commit. My family being there, my brothers was a big factor for sure, but I wouldn't have committed to BYU if they weren't a top football program."

Reynolds received interest from most Pac-10 schools and had an offer from Stanford, who was ready to snatch up the 4.0 student from Provo, Utah's Timpview High School. Reynolds was aware that his family situation may have scared off would-be recruiters along with his relative inactivity in the summer camp circuit where many recruits make a name for themselves.

"A lot of the schools may have thought that I was going to BYU no matter what they did, and they were probably right," said Reynolds. "I've always liked BYU a lot and playing somewhere else just didn't seem right."

Prep Work

The plan for the youngest of the Reynolds is to finish up his high school year and leave immediately for his mission. What position he plays when he gets back from his mission is not a sure thing as he has the skill to play either defensive or offensive line.

"I've talked to Coach [Steve] Kaufusi some," said Reynolds. "He tells me that I could come in my first year and start or at least play a lot at defensive line before deciding where I wanted to play for sure. I sort of like that idea, but it's a long way off. We'll see what happens."

In the meantime Reynolds is playing both sides of the ball for Timpview. He starts at offensive guard and rotates in at least every other series of reps with the defensive line at defensive tackle. On both sides of the ball Reynolds plays with fellow Cougar commit Eaythn Manumaluena.

"Eathyn is great," said Reynolds. "He's a very good player and someone I've become good friends with. I told him right before we played our game last week that I had committed to BYU and he was really excited. Playing with Eathyn is going to be a lot of fun."

For Timpview, things are looking good in the early going. The team is 2-0 after defeating 4A favorite Spanish Fork, where current Cougar commit Jordan Smith and Utah commit Griffin Robles play.

"He's really good," said Reynolds regarding Smith. "He's fast, he can jump, but he's also tall which is something BYU doesn't get a lot of. He's going to be a great addition to the team. He had some really good plays for them."

Although Timpview beat Spanish Fork Reynolds saw a great need for improvement when watching film of the game.

"We did so many things wrong," said Reynolds. "It was unbelievable that we still beat them with all the mistakes we made. But having made so many mistakes and knowing that we beat one of the best teams in the state with those mistakes makes me excited for how good this team can be.

"We have a great team, and I like that at least one of my teammates will be someone I'll be playing with in college. Playing for and attending BYU is something I'm excited for. I have a lot of family that have done great things and are doing great things for the football program there and I'm grateful to be part of that. Like I said, we're a BYU family."


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