Recruit Update: Jason Munns

Jason Munns took a few minutes away from his pre-calculus homework to talk to Total Blue Sports about his senior season on the Southridge High School football team. Things are not going the way the 4-star quarterback from Kennewick, Washington would like, but he remains confident that his team can turn things around.

For Jason Munns, the 2006 season was to be one where he got to showcase his ability. He had been compared to Drew Bledsoe of the Dallas Cowboys, one of the all-time greats to come out of Washington. He was named the 18th best quarterback in the nation by He was 20-4 as a starter and definitely did not foresee the struggles the Southridge Suns would endure this year.

Through five games of the season, the Suns are 1-4, giving up 153 points while scoring just 68.

"We're struggling right now," Munns said. "We had a tough opening schedule these first five games. With our team this year – well it's not a young team but it's a team without a lot of experience. We didn't have a lot of time to learn as we jumped right in the season with some tough opponents"

While the team has not performed as well as anticipated, Munns has learned quite a lot about life and football this year.

"It's not what I hoped or would expect," he said, "but at the same time it's good for me. It's helped me to learn to deal with some adversity and how to keep pushing. I'm still having fun, and I still love football, and if you can do that while you're struggling, that's a good thing."

He has also learned to endure the taunting and ribbing that comes with being a high-profile recruit. Southhridge recently played against a rival school during their homecoming. Munns said that it was a rough game because it felt like "every defensive player hated [him] and had something against [him]." The fans also had an "overrated" type of chant going, but Munns understands why he gets that treatment and just keeps doing what he can without letting it bother him.

Munns said that this year has actually been good for him. He said that he has learned that it is important to keep working had, even when things are not going well. It is something he thinks will help turn the season around.

"We've got to keep doing what we've been doing," said Munns. "Every week we go out there and we practice hard. It's definitely not because of a lack of conditioning or work ethic. We've been better conditioned than every team we've played against. We work hard every single week, but it's going to take some time. Things are starting to come together, but we just gotta keep pushing and not give up."

As far as school and grades go, Munns' parents drive him to keep on top of his studies. "I'm lucky to have parents that push me and keep reminding me that grades are important," he said. "School is school, but I've got some fun classes this year. I'm trying to learn a little guitar. I've got a food and nutrition class where we cook a little bit, but then I've got the senior government and pre-calculus. I'm not a big fan of either math or government so it's kind of hard to grasp the concepts at times."

Of course, once he gets to BYU, grasping Coach Mendenhall's theory on government should not prove as difficult. Mendenhall's theory is simple: do everything you do correctly and properly and you will execute at a high level.

Regardless of the level of execution by Munns or his current team, he still loves football.

"The best part of playing football is going through the whole week of practice but then it's ‘Friday Night Lights.' When you're part of a big play or something great, it's a feeling I've not had anywhere else."

Munns future plans include playing basketball in the winter, taking his official visit to BYU in the beginning of January and then graduating next year. He said he did not know when he would head to Provo, but did say that he will go when the coaches felt it would be best for him to arrive.


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