Q & A with David Angilau

With at least half of the two-deep on BYU's defensive line due to leave the team after the season for missions or graduation, there is an immediate need for recruits to come in ready to play. One of those recruits might just be David Angilau from Niwot High School in Longmont, Colorado. Total Blue Sports checked in with Angilau to see how his senior campaign was going.

TotalBlueSports.com: How has your season gone so far?

David Angilau: It's going pretty good. Our record is 3-2, but we're 3-1 in league. In the beginning, our offense was struggling, but as we've been going, our offense is starting to come around.

TBS: Are you playing just on defense?

DA: I also play full back.

TBS: What's your weight right now? My records show you at 245?

DA: That's kind of light. I'm almost 260, I'm like 255 right now.

TBS: Have you gotten into the end zone?

DA: No. I'm just a blocking full back.

TBS: Have you watched any of the BYU games this year?

DA: I watched the Boston College Game and the Arizona game. I wanted to watch the TCU game where they beat them, but I had a game at the same time.

TBS: Do you expect to play on the defensive line?

DA: Yes.

TBS: In the two games you've seen have you noticed the freshman playing? Is that exciting to see freshman playing?

DA: Yeah, because I'm coming in as a freshman, so hopefully I'll get a chance to play next season. So it's nice to see those guys get in.

TBS: Do you see your self as more a defensive tackle or end?

DA: As an end. Hopefully I'll be able to get up to the weight, like 275 or 280, but as an inside guy I don't want to gain another 40 or 50. It'll just slow me down.

TBS: Do keep in contact with the coaches?

DA: Yeah, I talk to Coach Kafusi every week. We take turns texting back and forth.

TBS: Are you still hearing from other schools?

DA: Not really. Before the season started yeah, but not right now. I'm going to BYU.

TBS: What's your team's mascot?

DA: We're the Cougars, like BYU.

TBS: How's your schoolwork going?

DA: Pretty good, I've made all top grades. I've just got to go the whole school year like I am right now.

TBS: What's your favorite part of football?

DA: I like tackling.

TBS: And what is you best asset or skill?

DA: Probably my quickness.


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