The Next Cougar Cover Corner?

Utah high schools are gaining a reputation for putting out Division I caliber football players, but that reputation centers around big fast defensive linemen. No one would ever mistake the Beehive State for a hotbed of cornerback talent. That is what makes one Springville High School prospect so intriguing to followers of Utah recruiting.

"I play wide receiver and DB," said Cameron Comer. "I'm about 6-0 to 6-1 and about 170 pounds. My fastest forty was a 4.56 that I ran at BYU during one of their junior days. It was the second fastest time out of the whole camp."

High school coaches take a chance every time they throw to Comer's side of the football field with his size and speed.

"On the season I have three picks, one forced fumble, and a few tackles," said Comer, a junior at Springville. "I think I'm at around 30 to 40 tackles, which isn't bad from the cornerback's position. They don't really throw to my side that much, but when they do, that's when I get my picks."

Throughout the season, high school coaches have taken notice of Comer's abilities and have schemed away from him by putting their best wide receiver in motion to the opposite side of the field.

"They usually put their best receiver on the opposite of where I'm at," said Comer. "I guess that's a complement to me as a player."

Comer also has two touchdowns from his wide receiver position despite receiving limited reps on offense.

"I ran my corner route and our quarterback threw it up and it went through around four hands and landed in my lap; I took that one in for a touchdown," said Comer. "The other one was a screen, like 10 or 15 yards, and I ran that one in too."

Coaches from around the country have contacted Comer. The word probably got out on him after he turned in a strong performance at a summer football combine. The Cougar coaching staff that did not need the combine results to find out about Comer, however, because he plays just down the road from campus and attends BYU's summer camps. Cougar coaches keep in regular contact with Comer.

"They just said keep working hard and keep doing what you're doing," said Comer of what he hears from BYU coaches. "I get quite a few letters. I've received a lot from Colorado. They send me one about every day, and then I've gotten a lot of personal letters from BYU.

"I usually get a lot of letters from other schools about how their games went, and some give me tickets and want me to go to their games. The schools that are contacting me would be Michigan, Cal, Colorado, BYU, Utah and Duke. They just know my size and speed and what position I play. Cornerbacks aren't usually that big, so I guess they've taken an interest in me."

Not only is Comer playing his high school ball in the shadow of "Y" mountain, he also has family ties to BYU. His grandfather has been a professor on the Provo campus for over 20 years. With those connections, it is no surprise that Comer is a Cougar fan.

"I've grown up a big BYU fan and I've always followed them a lot," Comer said. "I really like all of their facilities and their coaching staff. I really like how laid back the coaching staff is and how easier it is to talk to them. They're the kind of coaching staff that is personal and you can kid around with them. They're a lot of fun. BYU also has a good environment and I like that also."

Last Thursday, Comer came to Provo to see BYU practice. He saw the vicious scout team "Thursday Night Football" scrimmage. He also got a chance to say hello to a few coaches.

"I had a lot of fun," said Comer. "I got a chance to see how the team practices and watch what they do. I also got a chance to talk to a few coaches. I really like Coach Mendenhall; he's a really nice guy. He's really easy to talk to, and he's one of the guys that you can kid around with."


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