Scout Team Is Always Forward Looking

The key to a well-prepared and competitive team on game day is a well-prepared and competitive scout team in weekly practices. The scout team gets little mention on the radio or in the papers, but the lack of recognition does not diminish the value of what they do. talks with Cougar starters and scout teamers about BYU's scout offense.

Never the less these unsung heroes are just as important, if not vital, to the current and future development and success of the individual and overall team that do shine in the spot light and get all the glory come game day.

During Tuesday's practice, a fiery scout team did what Tulsa, TCU, SDSU, Utah State, Boston College and Arizona could not: pick apart the Cougar's stingy first team defense.

Sure, practices are not games, but BYU's defense is so competitive that they never take it easy, not even on the scout team. With that in mind, Max Hall's performance today, in which he picked a part the first team defense, caught the attention of many onlookers.

"Hey these guys are good," commented cornerback Brandon Bradley. "They're no joke out there and you gotta hand it to them for taking it to the defense like they did."

"The scout team came out with some fire today," said outside linebacker Bryan Kehl. "I love our scout team. They're a bunch of good guys and they come out and work hard. I really love our special teams guys because they'll come out, run good routes, hit you in the mouth, pop you and then talk trash. It's nice, and you gotta have that. If you don't have that during the week, it doesn't help you when you gotta face it come Saturday."

One scout team skill player performing very well is former Payson High School star and SUU transfer Daniel Tervort who has received both running back and wide receiver duties on the scout team.

"Daniel Tervort is doing a really good job playing running back," said junior cornerback Ben Criddle. "He's done a good job at getting us a good look at our upcoming opponents. They do a good job in executing the type of offense that we as a defense will face."

"I think we all know our places here for now," said Tervort. "Most of us are all freshman and we just want to give the defense a good look. One thing we want to do is give our defense a better look than the team that's coming in even though we might not always run that type of offense.

"I'm excited for the scout team. We have a lot of great athletes. We have Ryan Neeley who is a good receiver, and I never see him back down from going and catching a ball in traffic against this tough defense. Rudy Beck has done a great job for us also, and he's been catching a lot of balls. He really did a good job on the scout team the other day. We just have a bright future for us at receiver with the guys we have on the scout team right now and the guys we have on the first team offense."

According those that do get the opportunity to play during game day on Saturday, the quality of the scout team is key to in-game success.

"It's essential that you have a good scout team," Kehl said. "We've been very privileged this year and very fortunate to have such a good scout team. Even some of the scout team linemen bring it. You gotta watch yourself or they'll knock you down if you're not careful."

"It's very important to have a good scout team and that's what we've got," said Criddle. "Max Hall has done a good job in getting the receivers the ball, and we have a good group of receivers on the scout team too."

Tervort agrees with both Kehl and Criddle on the vital role that he and his fellow scout teamers play.

"Its supper important that we get those guys the best look we can and play them tough day after day to get them ready every week," said Tervort. "I hope the scout team defense on the other side is doing the exact same thing. I think how we've been playing as a scout team has shown on the field even though none of us are out there playing the way our defense has been playing."

Leading the scout team is ASU transfer Max Hall. In Tuesday's practice, Hall completed multiple passes downfield to various receivers and running backs. Hall consistently stepped up into the pocket or moved out side when needed and looked off his primary receiver to find the open receiver down field.

"Max is no joke, and he's a stud," Kehl said. "What's awesome about having him on the scout team is it's really preparing him for next year. People talk about how nice it would be if he was over with the third team offense, but I would say it's probably better that he is over here going up against the first team defense. He's going to have all that experience going into next year. If he was back over there playing with the first team offense, he would be watching. Over here, he is getting first team exposure going against our defense."

"He's an incredible player," Criddle said. "He's doing great, and he's going to be great in the future. He's going to lead our team to success in the near future."

Hall and other scout team member's competitive nature have become infectious. Having a sense of pride in beating the first team defense, this team will get on each other if someone is not performing up to par.

"Max is awesome," said Kehl. "What I love that he does is he is so confident and he talks trash. Sometimes it's a little too much, but I would rather have a quarterback that has too much confidence than not enough."

"We want to beat the crap out him," chuckled Criddle, "but at the same time we like him. He's got that competitive attitude and he takes it to us, and so everybody's gotta have that competitive attitude in order to succeed against him. That's what we want out there."

"He'll yell at you or hit you in the head," said Tervort. "A lot of us will do that on the scout team if you're not doing well. I'll even yell at guys on the scout team, and that's what you need. You need that leadership and want to have guys that will step up and get in people's faces and say,' Hey, lets go! Get it together so we can give these guys good looks.' It also tells you who the real are leaders on the team are."

"Max Hall just throws the ball well," said Tervort. "Ever since day one, I've always been impressed with Max Hall with how well he can throw the ball. He's just accurate and if you give him enough time back there he'll find you and put it right in your hands.

This week, Hall and Tervort are focused on preparing the first team defense to face UNLV's spread offense and option attack.

"I really like catching the ball from Hall when I'm playing receiver, but right now I'm playing running back," Tervort said. "He does a great job there too running the option with me. He's doing a great job, and I'm excited to see what he and some of us on the scout team can do next year with the guys we have coming back."

Click on the following link to listen to quarterback Max Hall talks about the scout team.


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