Brooks "100% a Cougar"

As BYU cornerback recruit Brannon Brooks rolls through his senior season, he is making the Cougar coaches' decision to offer him look smarter with every game. Brooks is gobbling up yardage as a running back and making stops as a defender. He is also finding time to get a better understanding of the place he will call home for the next four years.

If Brannon Brooks wants to get a head start on learning about the unique moral and religious environment at BYU, he has gone to a knowledgeable source. For more than a month, Brannon and his family have been meeting with missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – the church that owns and operates BYU – and the Brooks could not be more pleased with their new friends.

"I'll tell you that much, these are great young men," said Brannon's father Michael Brooks.

"I really enjoy these missionaries," echoed Brannon. "They come over and we talk. We have a lot of the same interests. They come on their P-day and we play basketball, and talk about life. They are just good guys."

The missionaries helped Brannon's mom with her family history and recently accompanied the entire family to the Sacramento Temple open house.

Just as the missionaries are making a good impression on the Brooks family, Brannon is making a good impression with colleges due to his on-field exploits.

"Utah keeps contacting me, but I'm just not interested in them," Brannon said. "Everyone that was recruiting me hard has backed off now that I'm 100% a Cougar except the Utes.

"Coach Doman and Hill came to one of my games last week, but I didn't get to talk to them. I was too busy. It was cool to see them there though."

Brannon will play cornerback for BYU, but he is using his blazing speed to turn heads at tailback this season.

"I have over 850 yards in 6 games," said Brannon. "Our high school team is 6-1, and I'm playing DB and tailback. I've also racked up 11 touchdowns and even returned a punt for a touchdown."

Not only does Brannon play every down on offense, he also helps out his teammates and coaches on defense and special teams. Opposing offenses have made the mistake of throwing the ball to Brannon's side last year and paid the price, and he is off to the same start this year.

"I've picked off 3 passes, but it seems like now teams won't throw to my side," said Brooks. "They are avoiding me. I just try to contribute in other ways, I have 14 solo tackles and three assisted tackles."

Brannon told TBS that he is excited to see BYU winning so many games and is planning on setting an official trip to see his Cougars take on either Wyoming or New Mexico.


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