The Monsters of BYU

As practice came to a close and the dark Halloween night crept in, caught up with a few Cougar players to ask them if they saw any similarities between their teammates and the stars of this October holiday. Some of their answers were spot on and others were a stretch, but all are sure to produce a laugh.

Legendary Bulgarian movie monster actor Boris Karloff would not stand a chance against some of these man made monsters clad in helmets and pads the likes of which outside linebacker Kelly Poppinga faces across the offensive line every day.

"I think Travis Bright is Frankenstein," chuckled outside linebacker Kelly Poppinga. "Just look at him, he's a freaking monster over there. With his big ole neck roll and his ears popping out of the side of his head, it looks likes bolts sticking out of his head."

"Travis Bright is Frankenstein," said Hala Paongo laughing. "He's just so big and has that face too where everyone is scared of him, so just make sure he doesn't go trick or treating."

When asked what monster Paongo resembled, Poppinga said, "Hala Paongo is the Werewolf; he's the hairiest man alive and is a beast on the field!"

Defensive tackle Hala Paongo quickly piped in.

"Romney Fuga is Shrek," laughed Hala Paongo. "He's just stocky and big and he has a big head like Schrek. He has those big ears and if you look at him closely he looks like he could be Shrek."

Not to leave out team leader and senior quarterback John Beck, Popping said: "Back in the day, my mom had me watch Abbott and Costello meets Frankenstein. I would have to say John Beck would not be any of the scary guys but he would probably be Costello because he's always running from those scary monsters on defense."

And what movie monster does Poppinga most resemble?

"I would be Jason," he said of the Friday the 13th villain. "Hey, I like hockey and I could put on a hockey mask and go around and terrorize offensive guys. I like that. I'm Friday the 13th man, that's the one."

Sete Aulai soon joined in with his thoughts on the similarities between his BYU teammates and famous monsters.

"I think Manase Tonga is the blue monster from Monsters Inc," said Aulai with a laugh. "Yeah that's it. He's the blue guy on Monsters Inc."

Hearing the laughter, offensive tackle Dallas Reynolds walked up and pointed out that Aulai most resembled Shrek. Aulai quickly pointed out that Shrek was taken by Fuga.

Walking up towards the group was Mr. James P. Sullivan of Monsters Inc. himself, Manase Tonga, who did not miss a beat.

"I think the most popular one would be Mike Hague," said Manase Tonga. "We all think he looks like Chucky. He's got that round face and those mean eyebrows and he's short like Chucky."

When asked what scary character Fui Vakapuna looked like, Tonga quickly responded, that Vakapuna would be the guy from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

What about senior tight end Daniel Coats, who or what would he resemble on Halloween?

"I can't really come up with anything to say about my boy Dan Coats," smiled Tonga. "Dan Coats just looks like a big, buff John Sally. I think Coach Grimes looks like Christopher Reeve though and would be a Superman character."

"Johnny Harline would be a rocker or something," said Coats. "He would be somebody from KISS or Aerosmith."

Looking over towards the benches lined up outside the locker room, Tonga continued.

"I think John Barrett looks like Barney Rubble from the Flintstones," Tonga said. "He would be Barney Rubble. He's got all the characteristics of Barney Rubble.

"I think Cameron Jensen would be Freddy Krugar. He's intense like Freddy, and he's very scary."

As the wide receivers came jogging off the field, Tonga got one more character comparison in with a chuckle.

"I think Nate Meikle would be The Transporter," Tonga said. "He just looks like the guy from the movie The Transporter with his shaved head."

"I can't remember what movie it is, but I think Justin Robinson looks like Eddie Murphy when he was in that vampire movie [Vampire in Brooklyn]," said Aaron Wagner looking over at Robinson. "He's just got that scary look about him and stuff."

On a roll, Wagner continued.

"Jake [Kuresa] is just going to papier-mâché himself and paint himself orange and just be a big pumpkin," joked Wagner. "He's already got the shape for it and has that big smile."

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