Utah Cornerbacks Trip to Cal

Last weekend, while BYU was on the road shutting down Colorado State, two high school cornerbacks from Utah took a road trip of their own. Cameron Comer and Garrett Nicholson headed west to Berkeley, California to take a closer look at the Cal Bears. Both young men will be among the top senior prospects in Utah next season.

It is not often that BYU has one quality cornerback in their neck of the woods let alone two legit CB prospects within an hour's drive of Provo. Cameron Comer from Springville High School and Garrett Nicholson from West High School in Salt Lake City are two junior cornerbacks who are receiving interest from D-I programs around the west.

Although both Comer and Nicholson were in attendance to witness first hand the 6th ranked Cal Bears defeat UCLA, the trip started out with a bit of a hiccup.

"Well, their stadium is on a hill," said Comer. "When we first got there, we got our parking. We then hopped on a trolley that took us near the stadium. We actually ended up walking about a mile to the stadium. If we didn't take that trolley then it was probably about a 4 mile walk up hill. BYU definitely has better parking."

When Comer and Nicholson arrived at the stadium, they were shown around by a recruiter.

"We went to the will call and there was a guy named Dennis who was in charge of the recruiting," Comer said. "He walked us through the tunnel and onto the field. The tunnel was pretty cool actually. There were a lot of other recruits there, but Dennis knew who I was when I told him that I'm from Springville. He asked me if I went to a lot of Utah games. I said, ‘No way, I go to a lot of BYU Games.'"

Comer talked to the Cal recruiter about the BYU-Cal match up in the Las Vegas Bowl. Comer expressed how much he liked the BYU fan support during the game.

"We talked about how BYU and Cal played in the Las Vegas Bowl, and how many more BYU fans were at the game then there were Cal Fans," said Comer. "I like how BYU always has a lot of fans wherever their game is. They always have a lot of support, and I really like that."

The fan support shown during home and away games is one of the many reasons why Comer is leaning toward BYU.

"That would be one reason why I would choose BYU over other schools," Comer said. "I can have support from my family and all the great, loyal fans that they have."

During his visit to Cal, Comer was able to walk around the field as the Bears warmed up prior to the game. This was one aspect of the trip that really caught Comer's attention because it differed from his experience at BYU.

"I like that we can go on the field, but they don't offer a meal for the recruits, which BYU does, and I like to eat so I really like that part," Comer chuckled. "I did like the field turf that they had down there, but their stadium is really old. The game was great, and there was really a great football atmosphere there."

By Comer's estimation, Nicholson had much of the same reaction to the trip, seeing areas where both BYU and Cal had advantages over each other.

Overall, Comer gave the Cal trip and fan support high marks. One thing he noticed was how loud the Cal fans were throughout the entire game.

"I really enjoyed the whole atmosphere – the fans were really into the game – and how they supported the team the whole game," Comer said. "They were louder then the fans at BYU but that is something that can be easily fixed…all BYU fans need to be loud, not just some of them. I didn't talk to any of the coaches, but if I had to rate the trip overall I would probably give it an 8 out of 10."


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