BYU Football Team: Wear Blue for the Seniors

Several members of the BYU football team have been very outspoken about fashion choices of fans in LaVell Edwards Stadium. In particular, these football players expressed disappointment with the rainbow colors that dot the stands during home games. With one home game left, the Cougars hope the fans can all wear blue to honor the team's seniors.

The last time the call went out to transform LaVell Edwards Stadium from a stadium resembling a bowl of Skittles into a sea of white, the response by both the student body and the other ticket holders was pretty positive.

Now the call is going out again to BYU fans to once again transform the appearance of LaVell Edwards Stadium into a single color, but this time fans are asked to make it a sea of blue. The intent is to roll out the blue carpet in honor of the Cougar seniors for their last home game.

"You know it might bring a tear to the eye," said senior tight end Daniel Coats of a successful blue out. "I think that would be great. It would be great to see the fans come out in all blue. It's BYU blue and that would be great to see the fans supporting and thanking us like that. It's how it should be because we are BYU blue. We're not BYU pink or green, grey or BYU purple. No, we're BYU blue, and that's all we are asking for one day. Everyone has something blue so just throw that on and come show us the support. It would mean a lot to us."

As BYU fans get ready to come out to LaVell Edwards Stadium this Saturday, junior linebacker Bryan Kehl wants every fan to make sure that before they make the trip to check what color your clothes are.

"Just wear a blue jacket, blue pants, blue gloves, blue hats and don't come looking for a date," said Kehl. "Just blue it out for the seniors. For the fans to come out in all blue would be a great tribute to these seniors. They deserve it, and I'm excited to see all the fans coming out in all blue to bring the intimidation factor of 65,000 strong wearing blue for this last home game. LaVell Edwards is a hard place to play this year so when New Mexico fans come in here seeing it all blue that's going to be awesome."

Senior running back Curtis Brown agrees with Kehl that it would mean a lot to him and the rest of the seniors to run out of the tunnel and see the stands filled with blue.

"I watch TV and the top teams always get the support from the fans," said Brown. "The top teams always have everybody involved, and I want our stadium to be known as the stadium where the fans were a part of the experience visually. We do our best to get the fans excited about the games whether it's on big plays on defense, special teams or on offense. This is just another way for the fans to show how much they support BYU football. We would appreciate it a lot and it would mean a lot to us. We've been fully invested in this team and the fans could show they are too."

The fans' excitement for the game and their unification behind the team helps charge the players on the field. If the fans add a unity in appearance to their unity in voice, the players feel that they will be even more motivated. The players also point out that by taking an extra minute extra to think about what to wear to the game, fans will be more invested in the program and feel a greater sense of responsibility for its success.

"It really means a lot to us as players to see how much the fans get into the game," said senior wide receiver Zac Collie. "We feel their enthusiasm and feed off of their energy, so to have them bring that type of atmosphere colored in blue would just be that much more of an experience for us as players and for them as fans.

"By the fans wearing blue, it would have a feeling of unified support which would help connect us more to the fans than to look up and see a bunch of different colors, and fans should take that to heart. When we had the white out, the fans did a pretty good job. It could have been a little better and there were still some colored spots, but it was a lot better than what it had been in the past. It would mean a lot to come out and see the stadium blued out for our last home game, so blue it out for us."


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