Lotulelei Focusing on Schoolwork

Star Lotulelei just helped Bingham High School win its first state football championship in 60 years. The powerful defensive end stood out on a team filled with D-I prospects. He will be a welcomed addition on a D-line that is losing several players to missions and graduation. TotalBlueSports.com caught up with Lotulelei to find out what his plans are for his final few months in high school.

"I'm just working real hard at qualifying academically," Star Lotulelei said. "I have a great counselor who is helping me make sure I get a high enough GPA so my ACT score will be good enough. I took the ACT today, and I'm feeling pretty good about things."

Lotulelei said he is now 6-foot-4, 250 pounds and is looking forward to playing defensive line at BYU.

"Coach Doman comes by the school a couple times a month," Lotulelei said. "I have a great relationship with him. Coach Kafusi will be my position coach, and I just really look up to him."

Bingham High school is also home to another future Cougar in Jordan Pendleton.

"Jordan is the best athlete I've ever seen," Lotulelei said. "It feels good to be able to go to BYU with him and play with him there."

Austin Holt is a junior tight end at Bingham who is on track to be one of the top prospects at his position next year. Lotulelei thinks just as highly of Holt as he does of Pendleton.

"Austin is also an amazing football player," Lotulelei said. "I love Austin and hope he comes to BYU too."

Lotulelei will be 17 years old when he graduates high school, but said he only plans on playing one year rather than two before he leaves on his mission.

TotalBlueSports.com also asked Lotulelei about his thoughts on the recent BYU–Utah thriller.

"I was over at my uncles house," Lotulelei said. "We were all cheering and going crazy. It was probably the best game I've ever seen"

Lotulelei said that BYU fans can expect him to bring his best effort to every game at BYU.

"I'm a power player," Lotulelei said. "In high school I used my strength to overpower the other team. I used my power more then I used my speed, but I understand in college I need to use my speed too."

Lotulelei plans on working on his quickness this off-season. He will be joining the majority of the BYU recruits on his official visit to Provo in January.

When asked who were the best players he played against in this state this year, Lotulelei had a few glowing compliments.

"Well, Houston [Reynolds] from Timpview is a great football player," Lotulelei said. "I went against him at BYU's junior day and his is one of the best. Also, Sean Taylor from Jordan was a quarterback we played that was really good, and the running back from Alta, [Sausan] Shakerin, was amazing."

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