Kessmans Sub for Santa

Santa has to move pretty fast to delivery gifts to kids around the would in a single night. Maybe that is why he enlisted the help of speedy BYU wide receiver commit Ryan Kessman. Together with his father and several other San Jacinto High School students, Ryan delivers Christmas presents to needy children in the San Jacinto and Hemet, California areas.

"I love it," said Ryan Kessman about the annual toy-giving event. "It's just a thing that makes you feel good doing things for kids that aren't as fortunate around Christmas time."

Every year, Ryan, his father, and a few San Jacinto football players and cheerleaders head to Los Angeles, load up a truck with a bunch of toys, and hand the gifts out to kids in homeless shelters in San Jacinto and Hemet, California. It is an event organized by his father Steve Kessman to share in the true spirit of Christmas.

"I look forward to it every year," said Ryan.

In addition to subbing for Santa, the Cougar wide receiver commit is beginning intense preparation for his midyear transfer to BYU. Following a disappointing San Jacinto loss to Big Bear High School in the championship game, Kessman took a week off from football. With a short break and his high school career behind him, Kessman will start workouts at 5:00 a.m. this morning.

The 6-foot, 190-pound receiver will begin his day lifting weights from 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. then head out the door to school. Following classes, Kessman will work out with the track team to focus on increasing his speed. When track practice is done, Kessman will shift to cardiovascular exercises to help him be a conditioned as possible for spring practices in Provo this winter.

"I took a week off to be lazy and eat some junk food and other stuff, but that's done with [Monday] morning," explained Kessman. "I'm now going to follow a set schedule that will help prepare me for practices at BYU."

Kessman will enroll in winter semester classes BYU, where he will room with fellow midyear transfer Austin Jorgenson In the meantime, Kessman has been keeping in touch with a lot of BYU's commits for 2007, especially with Jorgenson and J.J. DiLuigi.

"I talk to J.J. a lot," said Kessman. "I know he had a great game this past week and he'll be a great player at BYU."

Kessman keeps in constant contact with BYU coaches, particularly with wide receivers coach Patrick Higgins, who has been Kessman's main contact.

"He stops by our house every so often, and he's a great guy," said Kessman of his future position coach. "I really like him and I'm excited to have him be my coach while at BYU."

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