JC Linebacker to Walk on at BYU

Ranked second nationally among junior colleges, Snow College represented the state of Utah well. The Badgers beat 13th ranked Coffeyville Community College in the Top of the Mountain Bowl to cap an 11-1 season. Leading the Badger defense at middle linebacker was Jamison Fitt, who is now preparing to become a Cougar.

Originally from Orem, Utah, Jamison Fitt is excited to return to Happy Valley and don the blue and white of BYU.

"Yeah, that's what I plan on doing," said the 6-foot-1, 230-pound middle linebacker of walking on at BYU. "I've applied and all that and the people up at the office just said it's up to the coaches to get me in and to get me set up with classes and stuff like that. I've done everything I've needed to do. I need to call Coach Tidwell tomorrow and have him do whatever it is that needs to be done. I don't know what it is. I think it's a recommendation or something like that because I registered so late because of football. I missed all the deadlines and I have to get an approval from the coaches saying that I'm with the football team and that I'm not trying to just use that as an excuse to get a late registration. I'll call Coach Tidwell tomorrow and hopefully get everything squared away for me."

Fitt believes he will be a preferred walk-on, but needs to find out for sure if that is the case. He wants to get himself enrolled early to begin making a name for himself during spring practice.

"I spoke briefly with Coach Tidwell and he said, ‘Yeah, we would love to have you here; we'll just get you working out with the team,'" said Fitt. "The best situation for me is to start working out with the team and start learning the defensive scheme and getting my face seen around there. I know from experience that if you come in during the fall and if you're not a big name it doesn't work out in your favor. This will give me a chance to get in there and to start making a name for myself. Fall practice is already so fast paced and they're already worried about their first game rather than worried about finding new guys to fill positions because that's what spring is all about."

During the season, Fitt was receiving attention from various D-I and D-II schools, and although he helped led the Badger defense to a number two national ranking, many schools backed away towards the end of the season.

"All the schools that verbally offered me like Rice, Weber State, Idaho State and Northern Arizona all just kind of fell through towards the end of the season. There were a lot of Division II schools that were recruiting me that just kind of fell through and didn't go my way, but this is probably the best situation for me because it allows me to come to BYU. This is the right time to come in."

Like Fitt, Cade Cooper's recruiting situation followed much the same path. Many schools cooled on the Snow quarterback towards the end of the season despite his recognition as the junior college player of the year.

"Interestingly enough, the same things that happened to me with the schools that were recruiting me happened to him," said Fitt. "He was offered by Nebraska and then Oklahoma said they were going to offer, and they all pulled their scholarships away and ended up not offering him. I don't know where he's going to end up at. It all just kind of happened to us Snow College guys where everyone just backed off of us. A lot of us guys were planning on receiving scholarships and then nothing happened. There were a lot of guys that were told they were going to get scholarships and I guess told what we wanted to hear; then they all backed off.

"The most surprising thing to me is that we finished number two in the nation and have the national player of the year at quarterback, and we've only had like three guys on our whole team getting D-I scholarship offers. That doesn't really add up in my mind with what happened in the recruiting process."

According to Fitt, Cooper tripped out to BYU but was told that the Cougars did not have a scholarship offer available for him.

"I know they tripped him but when he went on his trip I think they told him they didn't have a scholarship for him," said Fitt. "I knew that walking on at BYU was an option, but I know that Utah said they were going to offer him as well as Utah State. I don't know where he was leaning towards as far as that goes."

Two Snow players who did receive scholarship offers were running back Matt Asiata and defensive tackle Junior Tea.

"[Tea] signed at Oklahoma State," Fitt said. "They offered and he accepted. He was offered by Oklahoma State and Washington State but he chose Oklahoma State."

Former Oregon Duck Thor Pili was also receiving recruiting attention and recently tripped out to UTEP.

"The last time I talked to Thor [Pili] he had just gotten back from a recruiting trip to UTEP," said Fitt. "I know UTEP was looking at him, and other schools he mentioned were Arizona. I think those two schools where showing the most interest in him. I do remember him mentioning Utah from among those schools but I think UTEP is where he was leaning the most and I think he likes the program and atmosphere down there. The only one that I know signed with Utah was our running back Matt Asiata."

In regards to Oregon, Fitt feels the comments made by Oregon head coach Mike Belloti about BYU not being competitive within the Pac-10 were simply locker room fodder for the Cougars. Fitt was not able to see the game because he was on his honeymoon.

"I got married last week," said Fitt. "My wife's name is Trudy. I was actually on my honeymoon so I wasn't able to watch [the Las Vegas Bowl]. When I came home I asked my parents about it since they went to the game. They said it was awesome and said that BYU dominated them. That's just awesome."

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