Cougars Arriving Early

SoCal offensive phenom Ryan Kessman will arrive in Provo on Tuesday. He will join with linebacker recruit Austen Jorgensen in forgoing his final semester of high school to enroll early at BYU. The two young men hope that the extra time spent conditioning and practicing with the team will give them a head start in the race for playing time come August.

"I'm coming down on Tuesday," Ryan Kessman said. "The Clearing House cleared my grades and they gave me my grades and everything. I'm excited about it and I'll probably be up there around 7 or 8 o'clock at night."

After having a successful year as the heart and soul of the San Jacinto High School football team, the year ended in somewhat anticlimactic fashion for Kessman. Since then the wide receiver commit has turned his sites on the day he would become a Cougar.

"It's kind of crazy," said Kessman. "I can't believe it's finally here. At first it never really hit me but as the days started to get closer and closer I'm getting more and more excited. I'm just really excited that it's finally here."

Kessman is coming into town with his parents to get his classes squared away. Ryan's mother and father are just as excited as he is about getting up to Provo to visit BYU and spend time together before returning home to California.

"I think my parents are going to stay there for awhile because they're going to help register me and then get my classes, and I'll find out who I'm rooming with and all that stuff," said Kessman. "I'll find out all that stuff probably on Wednesday or Thursday."

This upcoming weekend BYU will host a large part of the 2007 signing class. Kessman has already taken his official recruiting trip but hopes because he will be on campus that he will be able to meet some of his future teammates as they take their official recruiting trip.

"I've already taken my official recruiting trip so I don't know if they'll let me go snowmobiling with the guys or not," Kessman said. "I don't know if I can take two trips but it would be kind of cool if I could go and hang out with all the guys and things like that since I'm going to be with those guys for the next four to five years. I'll be up there anyways so it would be cool to go see J.J. DiLugi and some of the guys."

Joining Kessman and already enrolled at BYU is 6-foot-3, 225-pound linebacker Austen Jorgensen.

"Everything is good to go, and I start on Monday," said Jorgensen. "I graduated early and wanted to get started."

Jorgensen suffered a leg injury that prevented him from playing his senior season. It was then that he set the goal of graduating early so he could participate in spring camp.

"I went to the doctors towards the end of my high school football season and he just said that I wasn't going to play for the rest of the season," "I figured since I wasn't going to play my senior season in high school that I'll try and increase my chances as a freshman player at BYU. I'll be up there for spring ball to try and get my name out. It's finally here and it seemed like forever."

Jorgensen's leg injury is now healed, and he is good to start competing in football again.

"It's completely healed, and I talked to Dr. Kimball about a month and a half ago and he cleared me," Jorgensen said. "It's 100 percent. I've got my strength back up on it and it's about where it was before my injury. I was squatting 550.

"Coming up I'm going to play in spring ball. I'll play my first year and we'll see if they want to redshirt me or not. I want to get bigger over the spring which is another big part about coming up early, and then after the first year I'll go on my mission in April. Right now I'm 6-3, 225 pounds, and want to get up to around 240 or so. I'll play inside or outside—wherever they need me."

Jorgensen mentioned that he had plans to room with Kessman, but Jorgensen got an apartment off campus and team rules requires new out-of-state players to live in the dorms.

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