BYU Commitments Strengthened

Nearly two dozen Cougar football recruits were on campus this weekend for their official recruiting trips. The visitors had many fun activities scheduled for them during their stay, but the greatest thing they did could not have been planned ahead of time. The recruits, most of them already committed, solidified their allegiance to BYU and started coming together as a team.

"It was just awesome," said tight end recruit Braden Brown about his weekend in Provo. "It was one of the best times I've ever had. Seeing the program up close just made me even more excited to play at BYU. I can't wait to get going."

"It was just a great feeling from the time I arrived there up to the moment I left," said quarterback recruit Jason Munns. "It's the feeling you get while being there that led me to commit in the first place, and that feeling was definitely there all through my official trip."

The recruits spent a lot of time with their future teammates. It was a unique experience because 21 of BYU's 23 committed recruits were in town.

Jordan Pendleton from Bingham High School was the very first verbal commitment of this class. Although he had no clue of the specifics of what type of class he would eventually be a part of, he was confident that the group would be pretty darn good.

"It's BYU; they always sign great athletes, so I that wasn't a concern at all," said Pendleton. "It was great to see who we got now. I enjoyed meeting all the guys down there."

Brown meanwhile has been keeping close tabs on who was committing to BYU since the time he committed this past summer.

"I knew pretty much everybody by name and what they did in high school," said Brown, "but I didn't know hardly any of them by face, so that was something I really enjoyed about the trip. Just getting to know all of my future teammates was just great."

Brown was intent on seeing how the current Cougar players got along and the feeling they gave. Like the recruits, the players helped confirm Brown's desire to be a BYU Cougar.

"The quality of people BYU already has in the program is a huge plus for me," said Brown. "I really wanted to see how they got along and interacted and you could tell that they were very close as a unit, which is something I want as a player coming in."

While Brown has known recruits such as Pendleton, Scotty Ebert, and other local recruits for a while now, Munns came in knowing hardly anyone. That certainly wasn't the case when he left Provo, however.

"I got to know the guys really well," said Munns. "Guys like Star [Lotulelei] and some others are guys I really liked hanging around, and I'm excited to be their teammate and to play for BYU."

Most recruits brought their parents with them on the trip as it was their opportunity to check out the program their sons would play for and the school they would attend.

"My mom really enjoyed meeting with Coach Mendenhall," said Brown. "It was the first time she had ever met him and she really enjoyed that. She was very impressed with him and the program."

Now Coach Mendenhall will go out on the road to make in-home visits. Munns, Brown, and Pendleton all mentioned they were expecting Mendenhall to drop by their houses in the coming week.

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