Californian Linebacker Enjoys BYU Trip

Tyler Beck is a future Cougar outside linebacker who hopes to follow in the footsteps of current BYU linebackers David Nixon and Bryan Kehl. caught up with the all-county and all-CIF performer from southern California's Vista Murrieta High School to find out what he thought about his official recruiting trip to BYU.

It is becoming typical to hear recruits use words like "great," "awesome," or "cool" when describing their official visit to BYU. Outside linebacker Tyler Beck is no different when describing his experiences during his recent trip to Provo, Utah.

"Oh man, it was great," said Beck. "Just hanging out with all the other guys and meeting them and all the food we ate was great. We ate a lot of everything, and it was all good. I had a lot of fun."

Beck flew into Salt Lake City with his father and the two were greeted by wide receiver coach Patrick Higgins.

"I didn't know it at the time but there were some other recruits on the plane with me," said Beck. "There were some recruits that were going to other schools on there and Devin Mahina was on the plane with me. Also Steven Thomas was on the plan with me as well, so that was cool because I didn't know they were committing or had committed to BYU until I met them. That was cool. They all seemed like pretty cool guys."

On Friday, Beck went through a few meetings prior to joining the recruits meeting up for the volleyball game.

"We all went to our hotels and pretty much went over all of our school stuff," Beck said. "We went and met the guy who's over the honor code. We did do too much until we all went to the volleyball game, and that's when it started to get really fun. Man, BYU killed UCLA and swept them in three games."

Escorting Beck was his future linebacker teammate Shawn Doman.

"He's a good guy, and he's quiet, but I really thought he was a cool guy," said Beck of Doman. "I really like him, so it was fun. It was really cool meeting all the guys that have been there playing for awhile. These are guys that I'll be playing with and will be my future teammates and that was a lot of fun to meet them.

"Looking back I'm definitely glad I committed to BYU over Nebraska. I would really be hurting right now if I had committed to Nebraska knowing what I know now. I really can't imagine going anywhere else now."

While on campus, Beck was given the tour of all of the facilities and, like many before him, came away impressed with what was available for the athletes at BYU.

"The weight room and physical therapy rooms were really nice," Beck said. "I also thought the training rooms were really nice and pretty much everything was really new and really nice."

Beck, whose father is Samoan and mother is Caucasian, noticed the number of Polynesian players that were involved with the hosting and on the team.

"Yeah there were a lot of them it seemed like," Beck said. "It's cool that there are so many Poly's around. My dad is Samoan and graduated from BYU, and my mother went there for a few years also so they know what it's like to go to BYU."

For most recruits the highlight of their trip is snowmobiling up in the mountains. While Beck had a great time flying around on the mountain trails, he most appreciated spending time with the players and the coaches.

"I would have to say besides meeting all the players and hanging out with them it was meeting the coaches again," Beck said of his favorite part of the trip. "Before when I met the coaches they seemed very business like and were all business, but this time they all seemed more relaxed and were joking around a lot, and that was a lot of fun. Snowmobiling was so fun also and that was cool to go out and do that with some of the guys that will be my future teammates."

Like the other recruits that were on campus visiting, Beck had the opportunity to meet and talk with Coach Mendenhall.

"Everyone had to have a meeting with him but we were one of the last ones to meet with him, so we met him in the hotel lobby before we left," Beck said. "My dad and I met him and we talked a lot about how BYU is unique. We didn't talk much football stuff as much as it was about the Church and growing spiritually and physically, and how football is tied into both of those things. It was amazing just sitting down and talking to him. My overall feeling about Coach Mendenhall is he's just a genuine person who is not going to try to deceive you or tell you things that you want to hear. He's going to tell you the truth and not say things like, ‘Oh yeah well, you're going to start for us your first year and it's going to be great.' He tells you this is how it is and how it's going to be, and that really helps you to trust him and makes you want to follow him. He just really makes you want to play for him. After you talk to Coach Mendenhall, you really don't want to play anywhere else."

Beck will graduate from high school and then report at BYU in the fall where he will play one year prior to serving a full time LDS mission.

"I plan on coming in the fall just like most of the recruits," said Beck. "During the summer, I'll just be working out and working to save money to go on my mission. I'll probably just go to school just that first semester and play and then take off."

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